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Since the Shroud of Turin is older than the Bible chances are you believe in it as well. After all, it wrapped Yeshua's corpse and his image is on it as proof.

Did you know that you can buy some wood from the cross that Yeshua was crucified on?

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@Agnostic Wotsit....

@Agnostic Wotsit....

"So making post about secondary issues is irrelevant here"

So.... the relation ship between "Christianity" and a Christ is irrelevant ....?

Interesting point of view .....

I wonder .... In your opinion .....could a world religion be built on just any random group of tales ..... Aesops Fables perhaps .... Homers Illiad ?

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People are basically superstitious twits who will believe any con that promises them what they want. Consider recent religions such as Mormonism, Wicca, Scientology, and the religion based upon dead gangsters as gods in Venezuela. If you wanted to you yourself could start a religion next week and gain some converts. Just follow the formula.

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If everybody would just

If everybody would just listen to ME and follow the Yellow Brick Road, it will lead you to the beautiful city of green gems where the benevolent Wizard lives and rules, and you can visit the lands of miniature citizens who have funny hair and big lollipops. Of course, if you stray too far from the path, you will encounter an evil green hag with a squadron of flying primates who will punish you for not staying on the true and proper course to the Wizard. Amen.

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wait wait wait: if your

wait wait wait: if your religion doesn't involve someone sacrificing their own son (which is also secretly themselves), to themselves, to forgive you, because someone stole an apple 6000 years ago; then I'm not interested. We have to have some standards after all!

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Okay, then, I didn't want to have to bring this up, but there WAS a sacrifice made. Prophet Dorothy did descend from the heavens in her house of moderate design and thus did land it upon an evil witch, thus killing the witch, so that she might obtain the ruby footwear upon the feet of foul hag as it would please the mighty and powerful Wizard who did abide within the Promise Land of the Emeralds. And if she did so please the Wizard with the ruby shoes upon her feet, she might be reunited with her beloved family who had been lost to her in a terrible storm. Along her journey to the Wizard, Prophet Dorothy collected a merry band of disciples who also sought favors from the Wizard, and she did let them know all they needed was to have faith that the great and powerful Wizard would grant their favors. In the end, the Prophet Dorothy was abandoned by the Wizard who ascended into the heavens without her. Causing Dorothy to proclaim, "Why hath thou forsaken me, oh great and powerful Wizard?" After making a burnt offering of her ever-faithful canine companion and clicking the heals of the stolen ruby shoes while chanting an ancient incantation, Prophet Dorothy was magically whisked away back to her long-lost family. And there was much rejoicing. Amen

So, how's that?

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Sorry Tin-man; but clearly

Sorry Tin-man; but clearly the most successful religions are self-contradictory. If you want to play with the big boys you're going to need to add that "feature".

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Also TM any religion needs a

Also TM any religion needs a cost involved, you know like a Microsoft license or tithing, you can also sell sequins from Dorothy's shoes, hairs from Lion's mane, oil drippings from your own leaky carcass. That'll bring in the bucks! If you add some magical properties ( talk to the Wizard on this) like immediate salvation, or chocolate tomorrow (never today)...well my boy you will be rich, RICH I tells ya!

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Well Tin, I hate to bring

Well Tin, I hate to bring this up, but it might be that 'feature' that Ny is referring to is....tin doesn't rust. It oxidises but doesn't rust. (Can you deny you just have a fetish with oil cans, Tin?)
Maybe the 'feature' lies in this Nick Chopper guy?
Or in your relationship with Nimmie Amee?
Is it true she once washed your feet with oil?
Then there is the incredible rumour that you were once human and butchered by your own be-witched axe, limb by limb over time and that you had all your limbs replaced with tin prosthetics, one at a time, which pretty much amounts to a gradually accumulated resurrection, yeah? Isn't that what people would really want?
Isnt it true that you are also awaiting an immaculate chrome-plating at some point?
So much to be divulged, so many questions to ask and the biggest is, just how do we get a heart?
And really, if you want contradictory, how come an old softie like you, who gets all teary when a butterfly gets hurt, of all people, why is it you need a heart?
If there isn’t enough in all that to begin your own career in tele-evangelism I don’t know what is.

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@Grinseed Re: Oil and

@Grinseed Re: Oil and Nimmie

Due to a Non-disclosure contract and under advice from my attorney, I'm afraid I can make no comments about my dear Nimmie. *thoughtful sigh*

With regards to my "oil can fetish", it is simply one of those things that somehow got out of control before I realized it. It IS embarrassing to me, but here is my story...

Started out innocent enough. You know, just experimenting. Just a drop or two here and there socially, like at a party. Nothing serious. Wasn't even quality stuff. Maybe some sewing machine lube, or even some cheap cooking oil. But then one night during an environmental meeting, one of the guys had some refined crude with him, and that was the beginning of the end for me. After that, I was always looking for the next best lube. (We call it "lubing", by the way.) That led me to the synthetics, and the costs were so much higher. But, MAN, I could chop trees for DAYS without taking a break or sleeping. Not sure how I survived those days. Thankfully, now I am in a program that allows me to function with only a minimum amount of mechanic-regulated oils. (One can never completely quit.) People need to be aware of the dangers of oils. Tell your kids to just say, "No."

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@Nyar and Old Man

Challenge accepted! *evil snicker*

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AG, it matters a lot to

AG, it matters a lot to everyone whether there really was a Jesus. Christianity is constructed on the story of this one individual. For atheists, whether or not there was some hippy wandering around with that name is irrelevant, what is important is if this individual could actually walk on water, turn water into wine, and many more claims.

It matters to me, because if there really was the Jesus described in the bible, then I would reconsider my position and accept Christianity. But of course, that would require proof. Can you provide proof?

Ad hominem (Latin for "to the man" or "to the person"), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a fallacious argumentative strategy whereby an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself

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AG: "Your not going to change

AG: "Your not going to change minds here on this Forum one way or another"

and here is the big question: do you think YOU will? If we use your "logic", why debate anything? Why discuss anything? How many minds have you changed on this forum? The answer is as relevant as your comments are on this forum-- zip, nada, zero!

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You want to change minds?

You want to change minds?

Give your best argument a go.

And if Jesus was real and he really did the things that the bible said he did I want to know about it. I want to believe true things... If it's true I want to know. That's why the historicity of Jesus and the claims of the bible are relevant here. So far I've found absolutely no reason to believe in any of it. I reject it all on the grounds of a total lack of evidence and the contradictions to what we have discovered in science.

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If Jesus did not exist, it

If Jesus did not exist, it would be necessary to invert him.

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For myself, Aposteriori's

For myself, Aposteriori's answer was nearly spot on, although to add to that, I would want to reiterate...

I am completely open to any new evidence that God exists. But I've been waiting for 53 years for this God to pop up beside me, and answer a few questions... And it just hasn't happened yet.

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@ agnostic believer "That`s

@ agnostic believer "That`s why I take the Agnostic position here, After examining the pros and cons of Jesus existence I just can`t say one way or the other. "

You don't know what the word 'AGNOSTIC" means. "I can't say one way or the other" is a statement about "BELIEF." Agnosticism is about "KNOWLEDGE." No one can say anything one way or another about God or Gods. 'THERE IS NO KNOWLEDGE" and this is verifiable.

The question is this. As there is nothing that can be known about God or Gods do you choose to believe based on NOTHING AT ALL? If you choose to believe, WHY? On WHAT are you basing your belief? If you can not give reasons for your belief, you do not have good reasons for your belief and we are back to WHY BELIEVE in the first place?

Faith is not a path to knowledge. There is nothing in this universe that I can not assert is true based on faith.

Finally you made the assertion that "NO ONE'S MIND WOULD BE CHANGED BY READING POSTS/" Again all you are doing is demonstrating your ignorance. People who have questions find answers. People who have similar opinions as yours would find their silly assertions challenged just as yours are being challenged. If you are not learning anything from these posts... you my friend are quite ignorant.

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And people wonder why

And people wonder why atheists think religion is ridiculous...

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The best thing the Mr Turd

The best thing since the Mr Turd episode on South Park...hilarious, I'm surprised AB hasn't told us how true this is or RT used it as evidence of a NBE (Near Butthole Experience).

Thanks for sharing Mr flaming Arse!

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And I thought TR watched

And I thought TR watched weird you tube stuff.

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agnostic believer "Your not

agnostic believer "Your not going to change minds "

Aghhhhhhh!!! My eye, my eyes.....

Will you please learn to abbreviate you are properly there's a good chap, before my headmasters warning comes true, and I go completely blind.

FYI, you're not an agnostic, nor an atheist, so do behave. I don't think you even understand what those words mean.


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