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during his 2008 presidential bid, the infamous "woman in red" confronted candidate McCain with the accusation that she couldn't trust Obama because he was ... an "Arab" -- that was all. and McCain very awkwardly replied, "No, ma'am, he's a decent family man ..."

is that worth being praised for? he defended Obama by insulting all Arab men for denying that they could possibly be decent family men, and this is worth praising McCain for. SHAME on Americans for their astounding narrow-mindedness. McCain defended the honor of his opponent by essentially insulting an entire ethnic group of family men. and this "moment" is currently being widely touted as one of McCain's "finest" moments. utter nonsense.

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McCains finest moment was

McCains finest moment was standing up to trump and cohorts and burying (for a while) his assault on ACA (also known as obama care.)

Ofcourse McCain was dying of cancer, not re-running and had nothing to lose, and everything to gain to actually stand up to trump and his backers. Where the rest of the backers did not want to lose the far right vote, even if they thought dismantling ACA would be cruel to the most vulnerable.

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