The journey to atheism.

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The journey to atheism.

Im tired of theists claiming im in a cult ir ive been brainwashed so im going to demonstrate the difficult journey to atheism.
I was raised christian till i was 12 i wont go into why but after that age i had no atheist or theist influence.
At first i was ashamed that i even drent of questioning the bible but it just didnt add up and my mind was expanded by learning at school a few theists try to say schools are brainwashing but really? They only teach stuff that has been proven (except in religious education) and try to teach us how to learn.

Once i started to doubt the fear of going to hell held me back. To a child eternal pain is a threat thats hard to ignore.

I was lucky enough to avoid this step because my family were not religious.
This step is the worst its the guilt of making your religious family believe your going to hell.
Theres also guilt that by your example they may follow you and lose their faith. Having faith is like carrying a security blanket. Taking that away from people you love is a bad thought.
Gotta go foods done.

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Lol, theists are in a cult.

Lol, theists are in a cult.

It's like Plato's Allegory of the Cave - they don't realize that they're the ones chained up.

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It's nor about fear or guilt

It's nor about fear or guilt for some. They simply can't journey to atheism because their heart just won't...
It's a calling, some theists are meant for their religion, it's a destiny for some. We are called to do different responsibilities, and I think we should focus on that.

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You deny that christianity

You deny that christianity used their manufactured fear of hell to control people?

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