A Just and Merciful god is utterly futile

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A Just and Merciful god is utterly futile

This is the problem with christian religion. it establishes unrealistic and irrational and immoral criteria by which to live.
and it creates a loop hole so that you don't ever have to be responsible for those actions. Christianity is not a moral system.
because specifically says that there aren't necessarily consequences that your going to have to pay, because of a loop hole.
and what is the loop hole?it has nothing to do with how good you are or how morally you act. it has to do on whether you're not willing to be a "sycophant" to an idea. and if you are, then there is now an exception from which you're no longer have to suffer a penalty for this.

their idea that the christian god is just, is directly contradicted by the idea that the christian god is merciful.
perfect justice and perfect in any mercy are in direct contradiction. because mercy is the suspension of justice.

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Copied verbatim from a

Copied verbatim from a response provided by Matt Dillahunty

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@MCD: I just wanna share what

@MCD: I just wanna share what Matt brilliantly discussed.

this is my first forum post, hope i didn't offend anybody

Peace out

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I am not offended.

I am not offended.

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