Kind of a challenge for us, atheists

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Kind of a challenge for us, atheists

Oh no! The Loch Ness Monster totally disproves evolution. Jeeez, and I was just getting used to sleeping in on Sundays.

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Darn... the link doesn't

Darn... the link doesn't work anymore.

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Has anyone found this article

Has anyone found this article again? I was looking forward to reading it. I'm a big fan of the Loch Ness Monster... and Plesiosauria, to which this monster bears a strong resemblance :)

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I wish to see the article too

I wish to see the article too. Please post another link leading to it.

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Is this it?

Is this it?

A title wasn't given so I had to guess. Just did a search.

What the Loch Ness monster can't tell us about evolution

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Dinosaurs don't live in water

Dinosaurs don't live in water? I was pretty sure they did... ah, pop science journalists, when will they learn to Google?

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Shouldn't they actually have

Shouldn't they actually have evidence of Nessy before trying to disprove creationism? Is these people would spend more time praying and time being naysayers, we might actually get somewhere on this planet instead of in the mess we are in now.

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I knew about lockness monster

I knew about lockness monster on movies and I could say that I like those movies. I am also very interested on reading articles regarding dinosaurs and old creatures. :)

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I can't figure out how to

I can't figure out how to embed a photo, so enjoy this link :)

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You can still sleep in on

You can still sleep in on sundays, just become Catholic and go to church saturday night before hitting the clubs!

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Saturday night Mass is a much

Saturday night Mass is a much better idea. Church bells are hell on a hangover!

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Church bells and people

Church bells and people sitting next to you smelling of stale booze and cheap perfume to cover up their saturday night exploits.

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