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Aw, fuck... They're serious,

Aw, fuck... They're serious, aren't they?... *face palm*..... Whisky.... Tango.... Foxtrot...?

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On the face of it, this new

On the face of it, this new 'religion" seems like a disingenuous way of justifying breaches of intellectual property rights

OR a lame attempt at inventing a legal excuse. Lots of luck with that.

IF I wanted to worship something , I would follow George Carlin and worship the sun because you can see it. Like George I would actually pray to Joe Pesci because he seems like a gets- things- done -kind -of- guy. As George says, you'd be amazed at how much can be achieved with just a simple baseball bat.

Fair's fair;'the psychos Joe has played are much saner and less offensive than the YHWH of the old testament.

Link: George on god and sun worship


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Most Boring Religion Ever

Most Boring Religion Ever

Come to Mormon country! Where we got people that believe in magical underwear, golden plates engraved by angels, magical weapons made out of pure gold, and magical treasure finding seer stones.

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Well, at least we will know

Well, at least we will know where to find the burger eating basement dwellers online.......

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@Join the Church of Pirate

@Join the Church of Pirate Bay. What a great way to get around international law. Only problem is, not all countries enjoy Separation of Church and state. Still, just as the Catholics play "Hide the Pedo" The new Church can play "Hide the P2P server."

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Kopimism? Oh, ffs...sigh...

Kopimism? Oh, ffs...sigh...

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I think I'm gonna start a new

I think I'm gonna start a new religion... Phlegminism. It will be dedicated to the worshiping of the Almighty Loogie. Whenever a member hacks up a glorious wad of yellow-green snot and phlegm, it is to be saved in it's own special ceremonial jar (on sale at the United Loogietarian Church of Phlegm gift shop nearest you). The sacred hunk of slimy majestic spittle can then be taken to the nearest Church of Phlegm where it will be blessed by a Phlegm Bishop so that it can be used to perform miracles in the life of the phlegm producer. And the more phlegm you produce means the more the Mighty Phlegm God smiles upon you! PRAISE THE PHLEGM!!!

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You just earned your first ever disagree from me. Just outright disgusting and not what I needed to read first thing in the morning.

Yuck you Tin.

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@NewSkeptic Re: Disagree

@NewSkeptic Re: Disagree

No worries, you poor soul. The Almighty God of Phlegm is all-loving and more-or-less benevolent. Just hock up three sizeable chunks of phlegm into your corn flakes, say five Hail Loogies, and all will be forgiven. Remember, the Phlegm God loves you. PRAISE THE PHLEGM!

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Tin-Man - It will be

Tin-Man - It will be dedicated to the worshiping of the Almighty Loogie.

I think the Christians have already beat you to the punch.

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This is just self-serving

This is just self-serving theft and deception disguised behind lip service to high ideals.

Yes. It's definitely a religion.

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It all sounds pretty dubious

It all sounds pretty dubious to me. It's an atheistic religion anyway, no deity or deities involved (yet, sigh).

How long before there is acrimony and then bloodshed I wonder.

Mirroring the comments of others here, this sounds like they're trying to avoid falling foul of copyright laws, and maybe make a few quid, typical religious mentality.

Why not just posit the idea on it's own merits, why the need to form a religion out of it, unless it's to control people and squeeze money out of it of course.

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Just a touch within the odd

Just a touch within the odd side of life.

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Well, at least we will know

Well, at least we will know where to find the burger eating basement dwellers online....... x trench run

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Is this https://heardlegame

Is this https://heardlegame.co information really as accurate as we often think?

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I recently joined the group,

I recently joined the group, and I found the https://fnfgame.io technique you presented to be really useful. You can teach me more, please.

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Since joining the organization, I discovered the dumb ways to die

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