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(DISCLAIMER: this was erroneously posted in a different section of the Forum so I am moving it here)

I guess I am called an atheist

To start at the beginning. When I was 13, and starting High school, I and the whole auditorium of kids were informed of the makeup of an atom by a guest lecturer, It was explained how the parts of the atom,--Nucleus, Electrons, and Positrons were comparable to our own solar system with comparatively speaking, as much space between the particles as there is between the sun and the planets, thus, if it wasn't for some presently unknown magnetic force, you could pass one thru the other without fear of colision . Thus you could also pass one hand right thru the other. This started me on my road to knowledge.
Further, Science has told us that solids, (matter) is simply energy which has become relatively stationary, thus the mini universes with all their relative space, because of some magnetic force become solid and perhaps a part of our bodies.as fingers, toes, and kidneys.

At that time it was taught that there were millions of stars in the universe, and many universes Now we know there are untold billions of stars in the universe, and billions of universes. And in the past few years they are finding a multitude of planets around these stars. This is where the first ofthree unanswerable questions come in.


Einstein said that space is curved thus implying it is like a ball. I don't believe that. As we know space, it is between this and that. Beween two walls, then two fields—two towns, , two countries, two planets, two stars, two galaxies. But what is on the other side of that last viewed galaxy ???
a stone wall? another series of galaxies? We simply don't know, and when we arrive at that point, what is on the other side of that? And where are we located.? --In a ball of matter of unimaginable size? And then,of course, where is that ball of mud???

We have also learned that within these atoms (mini solar systems) in a much smaller scale are particles which could (repeat) COULD be be like “ mini micro” solar systems in turn, made up of even smaller particles but similar to our own? Is it possible that our present solar system is simply an atom in a gigantic organism so huge that we can't comprehend? WE JUST DON'T KNOW 

Science has also informed us that in each of the galaxies there is a so-called black hole that is so dense that even light can't escape.( Thus,it is called a BLACK hole.) Contrary to my own belief, these holes swallow up all matter in it's vicinity to become even larger and denser, and if it
came close enough to this planet, it would eat us up. Hmm! Yet in billions of years we, and the milky way are still here. Further knowledge of the present beliefs concerning black holes lead me to believe that at some point the Black hole becomes unstable, and emits a stream of energy known as a “quazar” It is believed that the stream of energy later slows down and become matter ---which in turn becomes stars and ultimately, with planets.
The big bang theory suggests that this all started with an exclamation point of nothingless and exploded to become the universe. I do beieive that what might really have happenedwas that there was a multitude of miniature big bangs called quazars, which in our own case created the milky way. To me, that is my original “CREATOR” except that before that there had to be other Galaxies which had black holes which emitted quarzars, etc. thus the 2nd unanswerable question


(and it continues to who or what begat it. I simple don't believe it was a grey haired man looking down on us from above.
Some weeks ago I was watching the beginning of a 12 part miniseries led by a preacher who promised an insight into the disparages between Creationism, and Evolution. I am always trying to learn, so I tuned in, The first introduction was interesting enough that I tuned into the 2nd. However when he started explaining that Tyrantisourus Rex roamed the earth in the past several thousand years, and god had somehow sped up time to cause those bones to petrify, and be buried far below the surface, I ceased tuning in.
I realize that many religous people still believe that God created earth several thousand years ago, but I believe there is an abundance of evidence that it simply isn't true. There are Ruins of structures scientifically dated back as much as twelve thousand years, and many of those ruins and structures are built with such precision that primative man could not have accomplished --such as stonework carving which appear to have been cut by lasers They are so intricly and precisely carved it could only have been done with 
something like a laser. (But supposedly there was no lasers back then). Throughout the world, there are structures similar in nature to have been planned and designed by the same persons in places of the world so distant and
remote as to be literally impossible for our primativesto have raveled there, For instance,some 12 years ago, the remains of a fourth pyramid was discovered, and is now being excavated. One which would have been larger than
the so-called Tower of Gisa, and not only was it constructed, it was also destroyed,and most of the massive blocks of stone with which it was constructed have somehow disappeared. ----WHERE?? and HOW??


I'm going to change my approach to this issue to an installment process because I see it is going to be much longer and complicated than I thought. Therefore, I will indicate a future set of related issues for later instalment with some preliminary incite as to their content,

BUT BEWARE, I will likely upset some of your most cherished Religious beliefs with my future offering such as:
Proof that the world wide flood could not have happened ( to a -more localized area,like the Black sea area, one is likely)
That Alien lifeforms are likely here and have been almost forever, and have played agreat role in our development and culture
Most specifically, that the story of Jesus is a near duplicate of the story of a simila rperson and circumstances, referenced in ancient Hebrew texts at least two thousand years before Christ. And that tho the Bible is a greatsource of history, There is scientific proof of, and reasons for many of the Bible stories.

In the meantime I will go back to the start of this thread, and attempt to answer all of my soon to be detractor's present questions.


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Well I know that we did not

Well I know that we did not start on the best of terms however I just cannot hold myself in pointing out what really makes most people to dismiss what you are saying.
I am honestly trying to help you reach better the audience here.

It is not a matter of content, which honestly seems to display some degree of study(since I did study those subjects).
Though it is a matter of presentation.

Your assay appears to the average person as a mixture of what you believe with what you think you found.

This shows that you are quite a beginner when it comes to serious discussions.
In a serious discussion you might be right on something but loose the discussion because you do not present it well.

One of your main problem in presentation is the idea of writing what you think only and not support it with logic or evidence.

The best way to present something is to first find a reliable source that says what you think or found, then quote a phrase from that source that supports your claim and then provide that source link at the end.


Your version:
"There are Ruins of structures scientifically dated back as much as twelve thousand years"

A more attractive version:
"There are Ruins of structures scientifically dated back as much as twelve thousand years" like Gobeklitepe:
"Gobeklitepe unique in its class is the date it was built, which is roughly twelve thousand years ago, circa 10,000 BC."

See the difference?

Your version sounds like your opinion whilst the other is supported with evidence and it is not just your word, though one should check the source well before using it.

You have to keep in mind that most people, if not all, are not interested what every lunatic thinks about any subject.
So it is a must to show that you are not just presenting your opinion or making random claims but trying to make a serious discussion.

This is one of the best way to do it.

I hope that helps.

Btw, I will comment on the subjects you brought up when you have got the chance to make a better presentation of your opinion supported with logic or evidence.

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I DON'T WANT YOUR DAMNED ADV ICE If you want to discuss ther issues ok. BUT NO ADVICE. I have known a great number of College idiots in tthe past. even some PHds who don't know which end of there butt is up. you don't impress me in the slightest.

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Donistan challenge the points

Everyone feel free to challenge the points you disagree with but attacking members is not needed here. Thanks.

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