Links to help newcomers or anyone better understand the debate rooms

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Links to help newcomers or anyone better understand the debate rooms

Links to help newcomers or anyone better understand the debate rooms and atheists.

As someone who came here with two left feet, I have managed to stick both of them in my mouth and I hope these links will help you avoid that for many reasons.

I consider the following reason the most important
1) You will learn to understand, accept and respect atheists

I have come to appreciate atheists and the reasons why they have become so. This world has given them plenty of reasons and if you listen instead of taking things personally you will take home a lot of knowledge about them and yourself.

Please send the links that will be the most helpful and try not to repeat links that cover the same thing to avoid a list that may seem overwhelming. Let’s keep it as short as possible and add in the title to the link as well.

Thanks in advance to all the contributors.

I will start with one that came from David Killens

respecting beliefs | why we should do no such thing

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Nice! rmfr



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@In Spirit "respecting

@In Spirit "respecting beliefs" "why we should do no such thing."

Sorry, I missed something. Why is this in the Site Support section?

RE: Respecting Beliefs. Sorry guy, .... okay, the video kicked on. It was delayed. It says everything I was about to say. People can be respected. Idiotic belief systems that involve ritualistic cannibalism, magical incantations, and beliefs in Woo Woo ---- DO NOT!

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That video can help you respect others too. I wasn’t happy reading your posts today calling names such as ignorant, idiots, ***holes, f’ing this, saying you’re urinating yourself, using your “private” body part swinging it like a sausage while thrusting your hips.

No one deserves to be spoken to like that. It’s plain wrong and not nice.

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IF you are not happy reading robust riposte to your fucking infantile posts. Don't come to a site called " Atheist Republic". Cog is well within bounds replying to such drivel.
IF you are at any loss why you are being ridiculed for your barely rational posts then do read on.

IF you are offended, then fuck you. Only you can take offence, only you can find content offensive. Personally I find your ignorant defense of an horrific sequence of ancient texts offensive in the extreme. I Don't fucking complain about it like some whining little turd. I try and explain my position. In future I will fucking use english as it is designed, with Chaucerish language and the richness of blasphemy and scatalogical references. If you can't take the bawdy expressive use of English as it is intended then close your eyes and ears...oh have already done that.....

(Edit: maybe this thread should be transferred to the forums? Wsy, mods? )

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TY Admins/Mods...this is

TY Admins/Mods...this is where this thread belongs.

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Maybe in someone else’s demented world it’s okay, not in mine. It is not okay for a man to curse and go into sexual details while trying to insult another. I’ve never seen more angry people who say they’re fine and live such a life of misery in anger and cursing others.

Truly, people who are happy, don’t speak so hatefully to others. Really, happy people dont love that way!

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@God is AWESOME: It is not

@God is AWESOME: It is not okay for a man to curse

Perhaps you didn't notice the header on this forum. It's called the "DEBATE" forum, not the pulpit forum or the preaching forum. You've recited a litany of declarations about your cult figure but never really engaged in debate. When you behave like that, people tend to get irritated. Your behavior would be annoying in a church, let alone in an online atheist community.

I'm sure your beliefs seem precious to you, but in this forum they're fair game for criticism. if you expose your beliefs here, you'd better be ready to defend them with something more intellectual than a sermon.

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Says the guy that ascribes to

Says the guy that ascribes to a religion where pedophillia, and various sexual assault and abuse by its religious "leaders" is so common it is barely covered in the news anymore as people have grown bored with that particular bit of news as it keeps happening, over, and over and over again.

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In response to this, I shall

In response to this, I shall point you at this post I provided earlier, in particular, the section devoted to the matter of ruthless dissection of ideas. I suggest you devote time to the contents thereof, and learn why we regard ideas as [1] disposable entities, and [2] a free-fire zone for whatever discoursive ordnance we care to deploy.

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@God is AWESOME -

@God is AWESOME - Delusional is not the same thing as happy. There was a time when we had village idiots for example, they were always smiling and they kept to themselves in their little village. But now, thanks to the internet, they are going global.

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I have no problem with

I have no problem with vituperations per se, and insults are acceptable if they are aimed at post content and are deserved, and not a pure ad hominem attack. Though I will usually cut people some slack on this as well, and they get a couple of warnings, but then they get their ad hominem back if they persist.

What really boils my piss is dishonesty, and sententious sermons being preached at me over and over again, whilst ignoring all rational objections that are raised.

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@God-Awf-... (dammit)... God

@God-Awf-... (dammit)... God-Awesome Re: Cog's urinating himself, sausage flinging, and hip thrusting

Why all the complaining??? The rest of us here are actually very proud of Cog. Do you have ANY idea how long it took us to train him to do all of that?... *wiping sweat from forehead*... I'm tellin' ya, there were a few times I was about ready to give up on him. But persistence pays off, as you can tell. Little by little, ol' Cog started catching on, and with a great team effort, we finally got him to the level you now see... *beaming with pride*... Oh! Almost forgot! (And this should REALLY impress you!) The dear lad actually ended up teaching HIMSELF how to sling poo! Proudest moment of my life the day I walked into the recreation room and saw him pelting Arakish and Old Man with handfuls of his own feces..... *wiping tear from corner of eye*... God love 'im... *sniffle*...

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God is AWESOME "No one

God is AWESOME "No one deserves to be spoken to like that. It’s plain wrong and not nice."

Will he go to Hell, and be tortured, FOREVER

I'll never quite understand theistic sensibilities.

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I'm not sure what's going on. I created this a few weeks ago only to end up in oblivion and today I see it has resurfaced somehow. I see this in the Debate room. If it is also in Site Support I have no idea how it got there.

Apart from that I agree with what you say. Any helpful links you have would be much appreciated by those who can.


Attach Image/Video?: 

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@ In Spirit

@ In Spirit

Yes, it was deemed by the admins at my suggestion to be inappropriate in the Support section. So, it got moved.

You shoulda seen that one coming.....

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Yeah and to have God Ain't

Yeah and to have God Ain't Nothing (GIA) to come here on her high horse and ruin what this thread was meant for.

God Damn! those fucking Religious Absolutists. If only IT were real.


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@Sheldon: Slack? What's

@Sheldon: Slack? What's that? And while were at it.... How do you cut it?

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