To many questions the answer is books!

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To many questions the answer is books!

I have noticed that many questions by some of the people here can be and should be answered by books. Many of you have recommended books and rightfully so.
I thought that a list would be nice, but I am an amateur in this manner, despite my degree. So I checked out the lists from people that I consider experts.
Here are a few:

My favorite book of all time is 'The Catcher In The Rye' by J. D. Salinger.

So when you ask about the social ethics or morality or anything in general, remember someone probably thought of that question already, and more importantly, some one answered it in a book.

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Some call themselves "People

Some call themselves "People of a Book". I call myself a person of a thousand books.

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Thanks Mykcob4

Thanks Mykcob4

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Denzel Washington played a

Denzel Washington played a part in a movie called 'The Equalizer'. At one point he is talking to a young girl who asks him why he comes to a diner and reads a book. Washington tells her that his late wife made a list of 100 books that everyone should read before they die.
I thought that that was a valuable bit of advice. The number of books isn't important but the act of reading a wide range of good beneficial books is.
So when I see threads asking about "altruism" and such, I know the answer is many books that have different points of view. People that have written these books have had experience and invested a great deal of research to write them.

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I suppose I shall no longer

I suppose I shall no longer ask questions of how others feel or think about specific topics on here and just continue to read as I have always done. It wasn't that I don't have and understanding of the topics I have posted, it was just a desire to have discourse on the topic with my fellow man.

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No, you must post topics that you want to discuss. It wasn't my intention at preventing you from doing that.
I just wanted to get people interested into reading again, that's all. Post what ever your heart desires. I like your post. I apologize if I insulted you in any way.
Actually, this thread is targeted at people that believe in their god but haven't the faintest idea about the real world. They suffer from self-imposed isolation. If they could read other books besides the bible, Narnia, and Anna Karenina, maybe they can open their fucking eyes!
I used your post as an example because of the responses, not the original posts.

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I try to read as much as

I try to read as much as possible, always have and always will! And it has to be an actual book. Always loved the feel and smell of a new book, can't stand kindles etc...

Currently on Lawrence's Krauss's 'something from nothing'

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What's wrong with Kindles?

What's wrong with Kindles? They've got everything in there, including a lot of classics that you can download for free or a few pennies. I've got a whole library in my smartphone, including Krauss's book.

In my previous house I had a huge library of thousands of books that I'd collected since the 1970s. I couldn't take them with me, so I called a few second-hand bookstores to see if they'd take them. Then I put the whole lot on an auction site for a few dollars. Then I advertised the library for free to anyone who'd take them. In the end, they all went on a truck to the dump, where they probably got pulped to make egg cartons. Heartbreaking. Now my head (and library) is in the cloud.

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Haha nothing is really wrong

Haha nothing is really wrong with them my friend, I just personally like the feeling and connection with a good book. I tend to find I get more engrossed in an actual book.

I can understand people's preference for kindles, saving space alone! Luckily i have a nice house with good storage facilities for my obsession.

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I have a Literati which is

I have a Literati which is kind of a Kindle or Nook but not as good. I find that I read faster, but I love the feel of a paperback or even a hard cover tome.

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It's a good point, but for

It's a good point, but for those who don't read the Bible, not sure if some will even read those books.

I love iflscience, especially on Facebook.

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Also, many people today don't

Also, many people today don't understand or even know what the protests of the sixties were all about. They have no clue what civil rights are all about and how the great fight was fought in the sixties. They assume that it was all "free love", sex, drugs, and rock and roll. They don't understand that the average Americans were slaves to corrupt corporations, that state governments were authoritarian bullies against minorities and labor. So PBS conveniently compiled a list of Black Activist writers that were very significant in their own time and beyond.

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I feel as tho the biggest

I feel as tho the biggest problem for those who don't read is that it's not accepted as "cool."

I came from a small rural town, where reading was for the "nerds". The bottom of the archaic high school totem pole. I only read enough to make the A and get by, never excelling, never getting ahead. But of course I was a jock and I had my reputation to uphold.

And I still carry that with me, I only read what interests me. Or I get intrigued with something, google it and then read the ins and the outs. But for the life of me I can't read something just for the hell of it. (Hell lol)

So I'm lacking a lot of the arts, literature and poetry, many large words go over my head, but I can't bring myself to learn them...

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@ Closet

@ Closet
I was a jock, still am and I am 59. When in school I saw what you were talking about, but that didn't stop me. MY reputation was of no concern to me. I did what I thought was right. Fuck reputation. Reading a book never stopped me from running with a football, or kept me from parties, or stopped me from any date that I wanted. In fact, reading helped me to be more interesting and popular.
Books have a whole world to explore that go beyond Google.
I don't know how old you are if you have been or are in college. The best thing about college is that they make you do research in a LIBRARY and don't allow Google research.

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