The mental process of losing faith (TheraminTrees)

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The mental process of losing faith (TheraminTrees)

This video is so good, I had to post about it.

TheraminTrees makes some good videos, but I think this one really describes the thought process of why he stopped believing after getting indoctrinated into religion.

losing faith:

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Pragmatic-I apologize for

Pragmatic-I apologize for making fun of your half beard, half nose, half hair sun glasses, half face. It is kind of funny making fun of your half face but in an attempt at humor I didn't recognize your intelligent and insightful contribution to "Atheist Republic." Some of the U Tube videos you directed us to were funnier than any satire, humor, irony or exaggeration I could express. I would "say" it reinforced my atheism but I can't be any more sure" of my "beliefs". But the videos were funny as they described how ridiculous belief in God is. I do feel that the videos were so clear, expressive, honest, that many "theists" may doubt their belief in God(Jesus). At the same time their are many "theists" that are so entrenched in their belief in God that even all the evidence in the Universe would not change their minds. If I make fun of your face I mean no offence and I will try to control myself and not make fun so often.

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utube video

utube video

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