Mirror particles.

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Mirror particles.

Just watched a documentary on this and dont get it does anyone here understand?
Apparently there may be working asteroids, planets even solar systems and even galaxies totally invisible and can pass through us.
May explain some of the missing mass problem.

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I always thought Alice matter

I always thought Alice matter was hypothetical. What was the name of the documentary? It sounds interesting.

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Was only touched on in

Was only touched on in passing the documentary was about gravity. One of the through the wormhole series by Morgan Freeman.
As far as i understood yes its just a hypothesis since its invisible and only affected (if correct) by gravity and can pass through solid matter yet can become trapped in matter. But i dont get it i posted the topic because im a genius (145 iq was 155 before i had to start taking major meds including gabapentine a neurological surpressor that fks with my memory) and dont like it when i dont understand a scientific concept lol.

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Dolph Lundgren has an IQ of

Dolph Lundgren has an IQ of 160, and I'm sure it takes him a minute to digest scientific theory as well :) It's just one of those "practice makes perfect" things.

Can't say I understand it myself... but I'm more familiar with neurosuppressants than astrophysics. I'm willing to wager (a nickel) that is has something to do with frequencies, though. And as soon as I think of frequencies, I pretty much think of 5 other people I know who are better equipped to handle such math problems, and decide to leave it to them.

There's programs you can use for that pesky memory issue, btw.

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Ive recently asked to be

Ive recently asked to be referred to the pain management team i cant take it anymore. I can only hope its not permanent. Things like that make you miss being christian if only pray and suddenly feel less worried. But once your eyes are opened it cannot be undone.

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And for that reason,

And for that reason, religiousness has a high comorbidity index with other anxiety disorders such OCD. It's like washing your hands repetitively - the germs are still on there, but it makes crazy people feel better.

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