Missouri megachurch pastor war claims Yoga is demonic

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Missouri megachurch pastor war claims Yoga is demonic

Stay away from ‘demonic power’ of yoga, Missouri megachurch pastor warns Christians

Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/state/missouri/article221583890.html?fbc...

Seriously made me laugh so hard. Why in the world would they blame Yoga for demonic properties? This is absurd, Yoga helps people with their chi and energy. Not to mention it helps with many things such as anxiety and more. It's healthy and helps people stay strong and flexible anyways?


In fact, Buddhists who practice chi which is the same form of Yoga used for energy placement brings peace and inner mind. Moot point, you don't see Monks running around harming people or claiming they are worshiping the devil. What a bunch of rubbish here, these Christians don't understand the difference. I hate it when people use Christianity to blame things in the world when it really has NOTHING to do with this. Yoga isn't evil as hell. Like seriously? I have seen old people use Yoga and apparently, it helps them live longer cuz it helps their bones and muscle improve. I never saw anyone practice Yoga would end up getting a gun and shoot people and BLAME Yoga for demonic behavior. Seriously retarded.
This is all over on Facebook. Would love to have your opinion on this. Let the debate begin!

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Last time I heard this it was

Last time I heard this it was that your kids are being secretly implanted with some un-Christian eastern religion in their karate class at their local Boys/Girls club.

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I had a similar chat with a

I had a similar chat with a born again Christian friend many years ago, when I started doing martial arts. This guy thought it was fine to drive to work drunk, smoke pot whilst in work, and he was a fork lift truck driver, and cheat on his wife, but me doing Aikido was a deal breaker. I Haven't seen him in years, his wife works in the same local hospital as my wife, my wife says he had a heart attack a few years back.

Maybe some yoga and meditation would have helped.

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If it isn't christian, and if

If it isn't christian, and if the clergy isn't making money off you, it's evil.

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What he said ^^^^^^^^ rmfr

What he said ^^^^^^^^


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After the Australian public

After the Australian public voted in favour of same sex marriages last year, the mainstream churches and the usual conservative guardians of public morality started 'freedom of religion' actions which included prodding the government to launch an inquiry as to how best protect precious religious bigotry while looking totally impartial in regard to religions of little brown people and the non belief of atheistic heathen hell fodder.
The findings of the inquiry have been kept secret, passing two consecutive dates for release, prompting protests from the few saner members of the same government for the transparency that they keep promoting about themselves and their fair and balanced fascist policies.

In the meantime however the Anglican/Episcopalian/not-quite-Catholic-but-may-as-well-be/Church of England have decided that while they love the sinner and hate the sin no same sex marriages will be allowed to be performed on church property....its not like they are saying people of the same sex cant get married, they just cant do it on church grounds.

...AND they have also banned leasing any church hall or community centre venue, or church grounds for the purposes of practising or teaching that most heathen of little brown peoples' pagan rituals - YOGA! And that goes for the sinful YOGA pants that recently got mention on this forum recently.

Is there a world wide religious pogrom against YOGA at the moment? Is meditation the new heresy? Is it even a valid revenge for same sex marriage? The exposure of concealed paedophilia in the ranks? It cant be the measured response to the rise In popularity of atheism, surely? It doesn't make me even want to contemplate going back to church much less identifying with their brand of exclusive, unreasonable and discriminatory christianity. They must have all gone insane...or started drinking the holy water.

Rant mode off.

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"They must have all gone

"They must have all gone insane..."

Magic apples, talking snakes, virgin births, ghostly deities raping virgins, people rising from the dead, wtf do you mean by *GONE insane?

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Yoga has been born of the

Yoga has been born of the devil since the 1960s.

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I first took up yoga in the

I first took up yoga in the '60s after reading Allan Watts.
He was a devil....what he said about the bible...

"It’s a dangerous book, and to worship it is of course a far more dangerous idolatry than bowing down to images of wood and stone. Nobody can confuse a wooden image with God, but you can very easily confuse a set of ideas with God, because concepts are more rarefied and abstract.”, and fair enough too, but I can't imagine yoga pants making anyone write that.

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Any chance at all they meant

Any chance at all they meant yogurt?

I could live with that if I'm honest.

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At least yoga doesn't involve

At least yoga doesn't involve ritual cannibalism.

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Evil Yogurt attacks young
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It's like Christmas.

It's like Christmas.

True it does have a religious aspect but you can enjoy many parts of Christmas without the religious part.

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The push back against yoga

The push back against yoga reminds me of the Chinese government banning Falun Gong.

Those in power want their victims to be ignorant and pliable to their agenda.

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