More Islamic Lunacy

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More Islamic Lunacy

So I was just browsing BBC News and found this pearl of civility...

Their lunacy knows no bounds, the absolute twats!

How can anyone believe I'm a god that would deem this to be perfectly rational?!

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"This is God's law. Anyone

"This is God's law. Anyone must be flogged if proven guilty,"

One assumes this kind of assistance from evolved apes is the best method of retribution an omniscient omnipotent deity can envisage?

The mind boggles...a religion whose worldview fails to encompass empathy for suffering, or to recognise the inherent value in a single human life...barbaric superstitious madness...and in the 21st century no less.

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Yea, I know this is a bit off

Yea, I know this is a bit off topic but it was my first impression when I saw the picture...... "Caning My Ass" Public display is more like it.

I'm Looking at this and wondering how that cane can cause any pain at all. Please try this at home. Get a small stick. Stand with your body even to your target, face forward. Now hold the stick straight out from your side with your arm straight and then try to hit the target. THIS IS BULLSHIT. Any pain being displayed on this man's face is an act.

This is a picture of a caning. Look at the bend in the arm. This man was caned for being a homosexual.

The picture in the OP looks like a show for the public. (Just my impression.)

EDIT: I guess that is how they actually do it.... Video Here. Not much of a lashing but it probably stings.


Seems like you can get a flogging or you can get a FLOGGING!
According to this guy, the caning does not hurt, it is the public humiliation that hurts. In the video a lady is being caned and it sounds like the cane is striking a pad.

Sorry, just found the whole topic interesting.


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@Cog Re: Caning vids

@Cog Re: Caning vids

Geeeez.... What's the big whoop? Hell, my wife hits me harder than that when we are-.... Er-uh... When, uh, we are, uh.... *looking about awkwardly*... Well, let's just say she knows how to use a riding crop.

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But, uh, anyway, to address

But, uh, anyway, to address the OP... Yeah, it is indeed baffling how anybody in this day and age can determine those types of laws to be of any benefit to society. It is even more puzzling how people of tat mindset manage to get anything at all accomplished in a modern society. It is like a major portion of their mentality is stuck in a time period from centuries ago.

In all fairness, though, it's a good bet a majority of the general population don't like the ridiculous laws any more than we would. My personal opinion is that it is primarily the dictator type "elite" rulers/leaders who use it to control the population and maintain their power. And they keep the people brainwashed with the religious bullshit. Regardless, that is some bat-shit crazy nonsense.

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This is worse than the

This is worse than the following video.

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@Tin: "a majority of the

@Tin: "a majority of the general population don't like the ridiculous laws any more than we would."

One of the scariest videos you will ever see..... Utter and complete lunacy from normal, average, everyday, Muslims.

Moderate" Muslims - or radical extremists?

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Well yes ,it IS lunacy and

Well yes ,it IS lunacy and those concerned ARE muslims.

The article also said the incident took place in Aceh , the only place in Indonesia which has sharia law.

There are around 200 million Muslims in Indonesia . ,That flogging is in no way endemic.

The State of South Australia (secular) used caning until well into the 1950's , usually on recalcitrant teen boys.

Just sayin'

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@Cranky47: The State of South

@Cranky47: The State of South Australia (secular) used caning until well into the 1950's

The schools that I attended in England and New Zealand during the 1950s and 1960s were still using canes. I think it continued into the 1980s at religious schools in New Zealand. My catholic friends told me nuns were especially cruel.

Children were tortured with canes, shoes, straps, rulers, and slapping. The worst was strapping and caning across the hands. That caused lasting damage.

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I wasn't referring to schools

I wasn't referring to schools. Corporal punishment existed in schools here until the late 1960's .In public schools, only the principal could inflict corporal punishment , and only for serious offence. .

At the Catholic boys school I attended, we allI had the crap beaten out of us from age 10 to final year, . The strap was the preferred teaching tool, and was used with gay abandon ,.It was not uncommon to be hit daily for a week at a time.

I was referring to court ordered caning (flogging if you like) That was heavy duty stuff, often causing injury. Recipients tended to be teenage boys ,on their way to our version of Borstal .There they learned to be professional criminals

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US schools were more humane I

US schools were more humane I guess. I got the paddle on HS. I think the school was allowed to hit the student only once. The principal had a paddle hanging on his wall. This thing is about one inch thick and looked like a cricket bat and like a cricket bat it could be held with two hands. It was flat and it had holes. big enough to put your finger through, drilled into it to avoid any air resistance. If you got sent to the principals office you got the paddle.

The other asshole that paddled students was the gym coach. This sadistic asshole just hit boys on their birthday. (Exact same kind of paddle.) Happy fucking birthday you little shit. I got hit once on a birthday. My lungs just about shot out my mouth. This had to be around 1971 or 72.

There was a reason I hated High School and did not stick around.

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When I was sent to school in

When I was sent to school in England, fagging ( the practise of young boys being body servants to older boys) and caning by the 5th year (16 year olds, two strokes and only if approved by a Prefect) and up was still in force. Teachers could give up to 6 strokes of the Cane, only the Headmaster himself could apply more.

I refused to Fag and the first time my flute teacher tried to cane me I grabbed his instrument of torture and broke the fucking thing (the Cane). After my first year and several other rebellions, Fagging was discontinued as was the caning of pupils by any but the Head Prefect and House Masters.

I heard, that the year I unilaterally gave up school and travelled to Australia, was the year a new Headmaster banned caning entirely. Despite the roars of protest and dire predictions from the Old Boys and other fucking pervs.

My Elementary school in Scotland applied the strap for the most heinous offences, only after several visits to the Principal and a stern chat with the parents ,which often resulted in the offender being more grievously injured than the school would allow.

My English Primary School had no corporal punishment at all. But then, compared to my Scottish school it had fairly poor standards of education as well. It was a lovely place for a kid though.

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I was never struck as a child

I was never struck as a child. Certainly not because I was perfectly behaved. It just was never done. I did get put on restriction about 8000 times though.
I never struck any of my children. They don’t strike their children.

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For those who haven't seen it, here's the Rowan Atkinson "Fatal beating" sketch.

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@CyberLN: Something is

@CyberLN: Something is really wrong in that family. You mean to tell me your dad never yelled, "I will teach you not to hit your little brother, " picked you up and threw you across the room. Then when you hid under the bed your dad did not reach in, drag you out and beat you before throwing you in the bed and telling you to shut the fuck up?

You never broke something in the house and then denied it so that your mother was forced to line you and your two siblings up bare butted across a bed and beat you all with a belt until one of you confessed, (Usually the youngest.) and then that child was beaten some more before being sent to bed?

You were never out late playing with friends and not paying attention to your curfew when suddenly your mother came around the corner and began beating you and telling you to get the hell home?

You never had to lie in bed and listen to your brother and sister being beaten while simply thinking you are glad it wasn't you?

You never experienced the hypocrisy of your father telling your mother that she could not beat you with a sawed off broomstick and to use a leather belt instead. All the while you knew the outcome was not going to be good no matter what.

And when you got older and began pushing your mother away to avoid a beating, you never had the experience of her running to the neighbors house to get the husband of her best friend to come over and beat the shit out of you?


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No, Cog, I was never struck.

No, Cog, I was never struck. Instead, I endured other ugliness.

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@CyberL: Yes, unfortunately

@CyberL: Yes, unfortunately ugliness comes in many forms and can cling to us in many ways. So next time you find yourself with a glass of wine in your hand, raise a toast to being free of the ugliness and I will do the same. It's great to be alive, moving forward, and rarely looking back.

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@OP: I don't get where they

@OP: I don't get where they are making the claim that it is only one small province that embraces the practice of flogging.

Saudi Arabia: aif Badawi, a Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for "insulting Islam" online. In Saudi Arabia, a woman driving a car can be enough to warrant a flogging.

In the Maldives: 150 women face adultery flogging on Maldives. Around 50 men also face the punishment.

In Sudan: "women can be flogged for dressing "indecently".

In Singapore: 2,203 people were caned in 2012,including 1,070 foreigners, the US State Department said.

Malaysia: In 2010, Amnesty International released a report saying some 10,000 prisoners and 6,000 refugees were being caned each year.

The article asserting that this is happening in only one small village of rustic boneheads is COMPLETELY MISLEADING.

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A Saudi blogger sentenced to ten years and a thousand lashes, for criticising Islam. He was acquitted of apostasy which carries a death sentence.

What a sickeningly barbaric regime Saudi has.

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Bu aşağıdaki videodan daha

Bu aşağıdaki videodan daha kötü.

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