Morphing religious social norms

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Morphing religious social norms

One primary reason why I can't take Christians and related folk seriously when it comes to defining how we're supposed to live and think according to the bible is because their own social norms have changed immensely over time. I remember learning in an American Music class in college that during the early days of US development practically all colonial music was about god and girls and boys were often segregated from one another (way more strict compared to what modern Christians succumb to today). I often think a modern Christian today would be considered a sinner compared to what was acceptable even 100 years ago. So ultimately I don't take them seriously for that reason.

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LOL so true in many ways but

LOL so true in many ways but the old Chirstian was kind of being more hypocritical saying don't judge and constantly judging. One of the reasons Christianity prevails is its ability to conform to the times. It is hard to look at it as anything other than a huge ploy to get those weekly donations into the basket. I actually remember a priest during MA say it was OK to be Gay conveniently his parish was in a very liberal area which was getting sick of the persecution of gays by the church . I was like wow this is huge and church just got a lot more interesting. I thought the church was evolving and then about a year or so later there were the scandal leaks, well so much for evolution, back to the stone-age.

Not directly related to church though I strongly think church or religious upbringing may have had some influence, I can tell stories about how not to long ago gay people were all grouped together with pedophiles and people were taught that gays were out to take children and make them Gay like being gay was some sort of disease and this has been over just the last century in US society. Children were actually taught this, crazy right?

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Ultimately, religious beliefs

Ultimately, religious beliefs are like any other kind of belief: they can spread, prosper and endure in a population by adapting to circumstance, or they can spread by force, threat and coercion. Typically it's via adaptation (come see how Jesus can make a difference in YOUR life!) when believers are thin on the ground, and then by force, threat and coercion (no hell-bound atheist is living under MY roof, young lady!) once it becomes almost endemic.

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I agree Zaphod that

I agree Zaphod that homosexuality is really an interesting subject when it comes to morphing religious beliefs and that there is definitely a softening of opinions occurring right now. With Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and the like having the popularity that they do I am sure many Christian kids are browsing the web secretly to watch secular content while their Christian parents are away. Is secular content treated like porn in their household? lol I wonder...

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Lol, that's a really funny

Lol, that's a really funny concept... but thinking on it, that's how it was when I was raised. The only thing I could do to shock and awe my parents was continue with CCD classes!

Of course I gave all that up when I became a reasonable human being and grew out of my childhood religious rebellion.

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Due to more humanistic

Due to more humanistic approach today, I'm quite sure that time will come that the churches will change their minds about gay marriage and other related issue. It will be another extravagant change for their social norms which will make them even more inaccurate. It is indeed nonsense to join such kind of institutions.
I'm waiting to see a Christian bishop officiating 3rd sex marriage and promoting contraceptives.

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I could agree that "old"

I could agree that "old" religions are more conservative but I think it was general in some countries or areas. I mean on some areas on old age, whether you are a believer or not, the culture was so conservative there. I would like the more "freedom" nowadays.

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Yes Lauren, the Christians

Yes Lauren, the Christians have definitely changed things to fit their needs over time. I understand that as times change, so should we, but to change things just for the sake of convenience is not right.

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I think not all changes are

I think not all changes are made just for convenience. But also to correct what might be the practices before that are not certainly right or just made to control people and not to really share the good news they should be spreading.

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Basically, the general

Basically, the general practice is controlling people. The general beliefs and teachings of these religions is to control people from staying on the religion and to promise them the afterlife that no one can really understand and explain. When the society calls for change, they will eventually agree to prevent majority of members from moving away.

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