Music that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

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Music that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

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Do you have any music that

Do you have any music that you would like to share?

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Can't provide a link right

Can't provide a link right now , but: "She left me for Jesus" by Hayes Carll

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Here ya go chimp3
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Some funny shit.

Some funny shit.

I can't find this song so just imagine if you will some really fucked up country music being plucked on a banjo and a guy sings ;

"I asked god, What is a million dollars to you?
God said a penny.
Then I asked god, what's a million years to you?
God said a second.
So I asked god
would you give me a penny?
He said, yes I will, ..... a second."

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This is Harry Belafonte singing "Scarlet Ribbons," a mawkishly sentimental Christmas song about the one and only time that god answered a prayer. A parent hears his little girl praying for scarlet ribbons and goes on a mad, futile shopping expedition. When he gets home, the little girl's bed is covered in ribbons.
And this is Tex Ritter performing "Deck of Cards". All I can say is that an army that would execute a man for having cards in church deserves to lose.

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Regulars will have heard this

Regulars will have heard this...
and the Monty Python lot: Galaxy Song, etc.

And then there's Steve Martin's...
Atheists don't have no songs.

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Yep, music is a part of my

Yep, music is a part of my life, so i have to download ringtone at KlingeltoneMp3 to set for my phone,

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