Must God Subscribe to Logic?

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Must God Subscribe to Logic?

So, I had a former friend of mine use a Bible verse in Isaiah 55:8 to argue that logic alone is not enough to discover/find/think about God. It reads "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD."

Based on this passage he suggests that our set of reasoning is not the same as God's - that God has a logical system far superior to any that we could know. Of course, that cannot be known. But here is my question: could God give us a wrong set of logic, without the capacity to find him, and still be just in requiring us to find him? How would you debate his argument?

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I wouldn't debate it. It

I wouldn't debate it. It bears no possible solution (fruit). That makes it a useless effort.

If there's anything I've learned about theists it's this -

"Never argue with an idiot. They will beat you down to their level and win with experience."

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If his logic is above us or

If his logic is above us or beyond our compression, then why does he also say 'let us reason together'? The verse escapes me at the moment.

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It is Isaiah 1:18- but then I

It is Isaiah 1:18- but then I get sucked into the vortex, going round-and-round, trying to reason with a non-entity, like a psychopath.

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Ah, well, it is the old

Ah, well, it is the old mystery bit again. They certainly like to go on, and on, about how we can't possibly understand god, unless they do. They claim to know what it thinks, who it is, and what it wants. So, I honestly don't care how much they appeal to the mystery, they have defined the god they believe in quite well enough that it is reasonable to dismiss it as a square-circle.

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That is kind of the "god

That is kind of the "god requires your faith" argument in a nutshell, isn't it? I couldn't be bothered with a god who is that preposterous. If he exists, and that's who he is, I would say "Whatever dude, you are not worth talking to, much less following." I'd rather be punished than agree to play a part in such a demented and cruel game.

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It is just the old "god works

It is just the old "god works in mysterious ways", with some makeup on.

This is used when believers have run out of ways to defend their faith. It is their "get out of jail"-card. By using this, god is allowed to do anything yet still remain loving and fair.

At the same time it is an attempt to escape the burden of proof: "Anything goes, so you can't question my god."

We are still stuck at:
If god demands worship, and dislikes being doubted, it doesn't make sense to hide.
If god is good, it does not make sense to cause or allow suffering, fear and terror.

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Truly the ways of God is

Truly the ways of God is bizarre. The bible is filled with messages that are hitting each other and are not subjective to some logic.

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