Near Death Experiences? hallucination or not?

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Near Death Experiences? hallucination or not?

Ok so i have been thinking about near death experiences and i am whanting to know what you guys think about them and the reasons behind why people have "memories" when they are revived from there near death experiences and why they say that they had seen "god" or some other deity or all power full being while they were near death or dead momentarily and that they had a "out-of-body experience" where they had no body and could not control their movements. my opinion its the brain trying to lessen the pain of dieing and makeing a person hallucinate that they are seeing something good and peaceful so that it dulls the pain but thats just my opinion so what do you guys think about it! have a good day(or night)!

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My father, a good and true

My father, a good and true man, had a near death experience when quite ill and hospitalized. He is an honest man, at least to me. He tells me he had experienced a wonderful sense of peace in those moments before he was revived.

I then remembered, the thoughts of a one of Australia’s wealthiest men, Kerry Packer in regards to his own near death experience.

Horses for courses perhaps :-)

"I've been to the other side, and let me tell you son, there's f#!@ing nothing there."

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thanks for commenting and i

thanks for commenting and i hope your father is ok :-)

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It's simply a form of

It's simply a form of hallucination indeed. The brain is able to produce a lot of strange visions when it start to shut down. It's the same reaction that it has when there are drugs involved.

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yes! i was thinking the same

yes! i was thinking the same that it is the brain causing the hallucinations and mabey trying to dullen the pain and the fact that the person is most likely under very strong drugs(if in a hospital) if there not its the natural drugs the brain/body makes on its own!

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If I did not have to enter my

If I did not have to enter my own body from outside of it from a peaceful though somewhat boring (may have been more exciting if I spent more time there-don't know) place with no pain and fight to be alive through pain cold and stiffness I would agree. it's just a hard thing to go through and feel it was just a hallucination. Everything else there could easily have been a hallucination but being above myself seeing myself on the ground and getting back in and grabbing a hold of life again, hard to explain away or accept hallucination as the reason for.

Just for grins and giggles though, if the after life is just a hallucination though what would that make life?

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While it's possibly a

While it's possibly a hallucination, I will never forget the process of coming back to life I went through. My particular experience in my mind lends me to think it was more than a hallucination it not every day I hallucinate an outer-body experience. But damn it, try to describe it is like trying to describe tripping to someone but trust me, it's different.

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I have heard some near death

I have heard some near death experiences from some people. It is common that they experienced peace or calm and seem to be in a place where there is light or all white. All I can say is that there are things or happenings that are unexplainable.

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Agreed, I remember starting

Agreed, I remember starting out in a place of darkness with light in the distance going toward and going through light and finding myself in a place of pure light traveling further and finding darkness in the distance going back to darkness seemed to be all there was to it did not even know what was going on til I asked myself where I was. it was very peaceful and calm there, there was no pain, felt like I was there a long time but could not have been in reality.

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With all the complexity of

With all the complexity of life, it shows how afterlife is even more complex and cannot be easily understood if there's one.
It was just amazing that people who experienced near death saw what they believe afterlife would be. Well, in most cases. Example a catholic man saw Jesus during his near death experience while a buddhist saw Buddha.
More likely an atheist will saw nothing there...
Anyway, it may be hallucination but it may be a dream. It may be real, but no one can tell unless we're there and never able to get back.

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I remember asking myself

I remember asking myself where am I to find myself laying on a rock looking quite dead next a bike path. I wonder what else I could have seen if I asked other questions?

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I would think that it's just

I would think that it's just the mind shutting down and creating some really cool effects based on whatever the future deceased has been taught in their lifetime.

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I agree. Many of the common

I agree. Many of the common patterns such a bright lights and the tunnel and all that have been easily explained by neuroscience in the last decade... or so. It's not even new news anymore.

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I have made mention of my own

I have made mention of my own personal experience elsewhere on this site and I will not bore people with the same details again but when I brought it up before I did mention it was possible it could have all been a hallucination, for starters I was poisoned so it not uncommon to hallucinate under such circumstance. I think find what some people say as invalid though because I was a well established atheist before my incident I did not think I was going anywhere in particular it was not something I conjured out of teachings in my lifetime. It was a very surreal experience and very outer-body. It is because of this experience I do believe there is more to life than simply you live and you die. I'm not saying there is a heaven I really even though I have been through this don't know that. I do however see how someone who believed in such a place could have thought they were there. Hallucinating or not it was surely a trip and one I am willing to wait to go on again. In support of what others are saying here though I will say I t was at least for a moment as though everything were on demand clarity of thought ect. ect. It felt like I was alone with my self and my thoughts i wonder If i could have conjured things there , I did not spend much time there, but it seemed like there was surely more to it that I did not get a real chance to explore. Once I realized what was actually going on, I kind of lost focus on being there and put all energy toward being here again. I wonder what I missed out on? One thing is certain though, one day I will get another chance to find out and I am no rush to do so again for now.

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You were poisoned? Who does

You were poisoned? Who does that any more? I guess the experience would be challenging, go on to whatever that was, or stay here and play some more.

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Yeah, poisoning is so 19th

Yeah, poisoning is so 19th century :)

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Yeah, but cowards still do it

Yeah, but cowards still do it!

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Wait, wait,wait. Not to get

Wait, wait,wait. Not to get off topic, but Zaph, you were poisoned? I once caught my wife trying to smother me, but poisoning? That's insane!

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Are you still with Her, some

Are you still with Her, some people are into that! I was reading a statistic earlier today about how many people die of erotic asphyxiation something like 1000 a year . Yeah they guy who did it was crazy.

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I experienced being a bit

I experienced being a bit poisoned (cause I vomit and feel dizzy after eating something that I bought :P) but definitely that was not intentional since it could be just the food is not prepared properly or something. But intentionally poisoning someone, that was really crazy!

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The tunnels and the light are

The tunnels and the light are created by the brain obviously. Talking about the afterlife reminds me of that 1 million dollar for proof that is still unclaimed and will remain that way.

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It is really confusing since

It is really confusing since the mind can imagine anything and could made up something while on such situation. True also that afterlife is hard to prove since also statements are can be given.

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Can you provide a link to

Can you provide a link to this I would be interested in knowing the details. of what is required or considered proof enough to get this 1 million.

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Ginamoon makes a good point.

Ginamoon makes a good point. The mind can imagine anything, so why does everyone's brain kick out the same idea of what is happening when they are dying. Is that how we are wired or could that image of a tunnel and bright light be something deep in our psyche that was left there by the departure of the spaceship that dropped us off on this green and blue marble?

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Sammy studies neural science

Sammy studies neural science and a neural scientist once explained it to me in an interesting way, will say though that being knocked out is different than my experience. I have been knocked out before too, totally different bright lights ect. When I was poisoned it was different.

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...that's the first time I've

...that's the first time I've heard anything about a spaceship in a discussion like this. Interesting.

But, science says this -

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