A Near Miss

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A Near Miss

I know there are a few of us who appreciate space/astronomy/physics so thought I would share a paper that was discussed at black hole and pulsar lecture I attended on Thursday.. .

Here's a link to a peer reviewed article on the near miss of an astroid called Ouamuamua...

The funny thing is it had already passed by the time it was spotted (phew!!)... it appears to come from the constellation Vega, however it came from further a field and passed through that system...

The universe is amazing!




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science is awesome

science is awesome

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All asteroids are rocks that originated within our own solar system. They don't come from other solar systems.

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Previously, yes! That's what

That is not scientifically accurate my friend, we should say, to the best of our knowledge, what we have observed has come from our system...

And previously I would agree, yes! That's what makes this astroid stand out as it's the first to appear not to have.

However, considering all the technology we have and the fact we saw it so late, it's possible we may have missed others in the past that may have been interstellar.


Again, the evidence is overwhelming... I was shocked too, always assumed they came from the various discs of asteroids within our system.

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the trajectory would

the trajectory would certainly imply that this particular asteroid was interstellar in origin, very interested and exciting too.

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