New communism

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New communism

This is a stupid comparison coming from the child rapist of religion.

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@I have trouble believing

@I have trouble believing anything that comes from an ignorance based totalitarian dictatorship.

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@ xenoview

@ xenoview

As usual imposing their wishes and practice another another section of humanity and calling it "abomination". Seems to be just about par for every right wing wannabee regime in the world today from "Fake News"Trump, "Fake websites"Boris and "They want to be there" Morriscum......

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What is sadly ironic is that

What is sadly ironic is that I noticed some passages this archbishop wrote.

"Currently we are living at a time in which the next great threat to our freedom has appeared, and it is of a totalitarian nature."

"one that wants to control our souls, hearts and minds"

Once again, I need to find a new Irony meter, it broke.

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LOL. Real men don't wear

LOL. Real men don't wear purple dresses and tea-cosy hats!

The only threat to freedom from LGBT people is from the vast numbers of resentful closet gays lurking in pulpits and confessionals.

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@It's all BIBLICAL: Mark

@It's all BIBLICAL: Mark tells us a naked young man was found in the Garden of Gethsemane. Mark 14:51,52 says, “And there followed him a certain young man, having a linen cloth cast about his naked body; and the young men laid hold on him: and he left the linen cloth, and fled from them naked.”

Parks and public bathrooms were no more safe during the life of Jesus than they are today.

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That's probably true. Boys as

That's probably true. Boys as well as women and children were the targets of abuse.

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"“Currently we are living at

"“Currently we are living at a time in which the next great threat to our freedom has appeared, and it is of a totalitarian nature.

“Its source is — just like the totalitarianisms of the 20th century — a radical rejection of God."

Err. didn't the catholic church to its shame sign a concordat with the very worst of those very regimes? What an utter scumbag, and it always baffles me that people like this tosser who parade their beliefs as unassailable truth that must be believed or result in eternal torture, then talk of totalitarianism as if they haven't noticed that this is precisely what they are offering. Even worse condemning a person for their sexual orientation, as if it is some sort of choice.

Well I may write to this brainless tool, and tell him precisely where he can stick his deity, and his bigoted beliefs, and he will need a proctologist, and a good surgeon if he wants to ever get them out.

Do they really think their own church hasn't been built on totalitarianism? Mind boggling stupidity and vile bigotry, but you have to see the irony of someone describing people who don't share his beliefs as totalitarianism, as if it's a threat that requires a "solution". A final solution perhaps, like the one the Nazis that Catholicism allied itself to, enacted to get rid of another demographic that didn't share the RCC's beliefs.

Edit spelling.

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"As part of gender ideology,

"As part of gender ideology, there are attempts to obliterate the natural differences between woman and man."

Well here we go, another religious bigot trying to describe gay people as unnatural, didn't the Nazis use the same propaganda against the Jews? I think the world does need to be wary of dangerous bigoted totalitarianism, but it's not a new one, it is religious zealots like this tosspot from the RCC, one of the oldest and largest totalitarian regimes on the planet.

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If they stopped molesting

If they stopped molesting children, these happy wheels Catholic priests might be more credible.

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It would be better if the

It would be better if the whole lot of them went to jail for life.

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To quote one of their own historical heroes, Abbot Arnaud Amalric, "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius" (Kill them all and let god sort them out). He uttered those words before the massacre of 20,000 Cathars by Papal forces at Bezier in 1209.

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Those who believe in the

Those who believe in the indisputable authority and favourable redemption of supernatural entities for whatever inhumane action they commit need to be institutionalised rather than have the power of an institution.

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