A new "religion"

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A new "religion"

The anti-5G movement is taking on religious overtones. The "main-man" behind it all, Arthur Firstenberg, recently stated that if the planet wide implementation of 5G is not halted then all life on Earth will be destroyed within two years.

Is 5G safe?

What say you? If you think it is dangerous state why.

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SeniorCitizen007 - The anti

SeniorCitizen007 - The anti-5G movement is taking on religious overtones.

It's always been a religion; microwave radiation has no documented effects on humans (other than normal heating).

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People worry about cell

People worry about cell phones, and all sorts of other "wireless" signals. This dates back to the earliest radio towers.

If people were so worried about these "invisible" rays, they should be far more concerned about the sun, as it puts out 100x the amount and intensity of all sorts of "radiation and waves" across a very wide spectrum, and these worried people should live in concrete bunkers deep underground all their lives.

Hiding in bunkers deep underground is not recommended for many obvious and less obvious health/wellbeing reasons. Besides then you would be subject to the radiation from the earth, radon anyone?



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Predictably, radio waves are

Predictably, radio waves are being blamed for autism. (https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal). Where have we heard that claim before?

Seriously, though, we should be concerned about the risk that 5G technology will disrupt the flow of prayer data to god. To understand that risk, we should compare the number of prayers answered in the pre-radio era with those answered since the invention of radio communications. I think the ratio is approximately 0:0.

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