Noah’s Ark: Fact or Fiction?

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Noah’s Ark: Fact or Fiction?

I’m inviting christians to defend their faith and explain some of the topics below concerning the bible story of Noah’s ark and the flood. If you truly believe the bible you should be able to clarify some of the inconsistencies atheists find impossible to take serious. If there are no or few responses, perhaps christians don’t believe the bible as much as they claim. To begin, how can a ship the size of the ark be made of wood and be sea-worthy?

1. Constructing the Ark
2. Locating the Animals
3. Loading the Animals Aboard
4. Upkeep of the Animals
5. The Flood
6. Results of a Flood
7. The Geological Record
8. Species Survival and Post-Flood Ecology
9. Species Distribution and Variety
10. Historical Factors

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Good luck, if you get a reply

Good luck, if you get a reply that doesn't involve magic, I'll be surprised.

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Interestingly, 'scholars' are

Interestingly, 'scholars' are saying that Noah's ark would have been sea-worthy, even with the weight of 2 of each species on board... &

However the mass may have been to large for containment in the ark - especially in light of lodging requirements.

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Bill Nye does an excellent

Bill Nye does an excellent job of addressing the ability of Noah’s family to build the ark and how seaworthy it would be made of wood. In this video he doesn’t start addressing the ark until 2:28:

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Next on the list would be how

Next on the list would be how they located the animals to be loaded on the ark.
According to the Bible, Noah had seven days to load the Ark ( Gen. 7:4-10). Working in that time frame one animal would have to be loaded every 38 seconds without interruption. That would only allow 15, 764 animals. Doesn’t sound like a very workable situation. Not near enough animals.

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lets see 8 million species,

lets see 8 million species, thats 16 million animals

16,000,000/(7*24*60*60) = 26 animals per second

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Lots of animals for a 600

Lots of animals for a 600 year old guy to contend with LOL!

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I don't think that they

I don't think that they propose that every species went on the ark. They have a 'kinds' based theory, in which two canines, two felines, etc. went on the ark. However, it begs the questions how the greatly varied species could have come to be in a short 4000 years.

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Evidently the creationists

Evidently the creationists feel threatened with the insufficient amount of time needed for the variety of creatures we have today. They have produced a number of videos using the “kind” concept. They are not very convincing.

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Well....when we approach the

Well....when we approach the problems of loading the ark there are many amusing videos by Ray Comfort (banana man), Kirk Cameron and friends. I find darkmatter2525's satire on the subject entertaining as well:

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Yea i think it is the best

Yea i think it is the best noah video.

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I don't want to forget to

I don't want to forget to discredit/counter Ken Ham's lame arguments:

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The only thing more laughable

The only thing more laughable than the idea of a theist defending christianity is an atheist inciting him to. Faith based systems do not need a defense. There's nothing to defend when all is based in faith alone.

But, atheists persist in their persisting. Some, like me, leave them alone. I leave them to enjoy what they think is real and as a result we get along just fine. I know deep down there's no substance to their beliefs and they know they can't provide any. It's not substance-based. It's all faith based so why all the atheist noise and ado about nothing?

This place should be simply a forum of like minded people sharing their separatist experiences and notions of existence in a godless manner. It should not be a place to come up with ill-intended, hurtful cockamamie schemes to vicariously defraud people of things that are important to them.

Those who write books about it are in it for a profit so atheism is their cash cow. I dismiss their credentials out of hand for that act alone. Besides, you don't need to have credentials to write books on atheism because nothing is based in fact. It's the same stuff in the bible plagiarized in disguises and cloaks of repudiation. Big deal. Any of them could just as well bear titles "Nu-uh!"

In other words, the typical atheist wears a badge of self-appointed superiority when in fact his conduct towards men who differ from him is more the more deplorable of the two.

Just be comfortably godless already and live and let live.

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I want their fables out of

I want their fables out of school science classes and I refuse to ignore those who would impose theocracy if they could. There was a period called the dark ages and I do not want something similar to return. If you want to sit idly by while they force their beliefs on you that is your choice.

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First they came for the

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

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Upkeep of the animals: under

Upkeep of the animals: under cramped conditions it seems attending to creatures requiring special diets, fresh foods, fresh water, food preservation, pest control, ventilation, sanitation and exercise with a crew of eight (Noah being six hundred years old) is a stretch of the imagination. There would be an enormous amount of animal waste to dispose of.

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Also, if only two of every

Also, if only two of every animal were brought on board, what did the carnivores eat? We'd have no mice or rabbits left.

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the most informative video

the most informative video about the flood story:

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Great video, I like the way

Great video, I like the way it uses Star Wars to convey how stories told over time influence authors. Many people are not aware of the history of how that story evolved. I studied the story of Gilgamesh years ago. The story lines are not a coincidence. The older versions influenced they younger versions.

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One of the most impossible

One of the most impossible and ridiculous pieces of fiction ever conceived. Only an absolute fool could possibly bring himself to believe even a tenth of it. Brain damaged craziness.

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Nobody posted the video by

Nobody posted the video by NonStampCollector?
Pt 1:
Pt 2:

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LOL....thanks, those were

LOL....thanks, those were good. Videos are great for this story to point out the insurmountable problems associated with this Tallllll...tale. Here is another one produced by Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist:

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