Is Noah’s Ark real?

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Is Noah’s Ark real?

There are some stories that are comparable to the Noah’s of ark and most of them are just tales or legend far behind the reality. One of this is the epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh met someone who survived the great flood when the gods instructed him to build an ark. So what do you think about the story of Noah? Is it another legend?

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I dont think so, is just

I dont think so, is just another fairy tale, but this one includes animals for animal lovers

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That great flood seems to

That great flood seems to have different versions but we really can't say if it had really happened. There are some claims that they saw parts or the ark but I don't think it's the same ark as of Noah's.

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Noah is not even real. The

Noah is not even real. The fable says he lived 950 years and implies that two of every land species on the planet were within walking distance. The dimensions don't even work out. It's too big to float and too small to hold all the animals. The largest wooden ships ever constructed (by actual shipbuilders, mind you, not some ancient herder) were under 100 meters, and those required steel reinforcement. The story says this ark was almost 140 meters with no mention of metal. It just wouldn't float.

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This guy apparently had his

This guy apparently had his heart set on proving you wrong.

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That's crazy! What kind of

That's crazy! What kind of person has the time or the effort to put into such a project?

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But it was built on a barge

But it was built on a barge and used metal supports plus this 1/3rd the size of the biblical Ark.

I think it was possible to get something of that size floating though it would have been a large feat and lets just say God would have had to have been on his side. However, there is evidence there was once in human history a large flood of global proportions. I can't say I believe the whole Ark story but I think we should make such vessels now for various reasons.

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Wow, what a low down dirty

Wow, what a low down dirty cheater... sorry, I didn't read that. But, at least he's trying kind of? Apparently so are a lot of people -

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The story is simply not

The story is simply not possible to be true. It is absurd for the even faithful to allow it to be taught as an actual event. Though I am glad they do, because if it is required to be true to join... It becomes far easier for us to refute and save the potentially "saved" :)

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Just by looking at the the

Just by looking at the the facts and how the story itself plays out shows that it isn't true. It's a very good story though.

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If it was real, I wonder what

If it was real, I wonder what species didn't make it to to the ark in time and how different the world would be if some of the animals taken on board were not. What if cows or chickens didn't survive the flood, would we be eating burgers made of baboons or instead of fried chicken and waffles would we be eating fried aardvarks and crepes?

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I don't remember who wrote it

I don't remember who wrote it but have you ever read the last unicorn? Wont answer your question but its a good story and has relations to what you brought up and a cool twist.

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There are regular floods in

There are regular floods in our country during the rainy seasons and we really need saving vessels. Just few years ago when hundred were drown due to aggressive rain falls. If the god in the bible was real, why did he allowed such thing? He promised that there will be no massive deaths due to flood.

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The "world" in the world-wide

The "world" in the world-wide flood was much smaller than todays world. Any sort of area-wide flood (river swelling) could look like it was something brought about by the hand of an angry god. We tend to forget just how much less people in 2000 BCE knew compared to today. It was also pretty vogue to have one in your ancient texts - -

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There is no way that this is

There is no way that this is real. Probably one of the most outrageous tales I have ever heard.

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Are you for real with that

Are you for real with that question? hahaha this is complete BS. Like animal leader said, there are many ridiculous tales in religion but this one is definitely one of the top.

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Geographically the story

Geographically the story makes as much sense as a children's storybook with a taking monkey. To take on such an endeavor by oneself and to coax wild animals into a small area is less than believable.

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Less than believable you say?

Less than believable you say? The how did all of the animals stick around and get dispersed throughout the entire planet again after the 40 day flood? Are you trying to tell me that one man didn't build an entire ark by himself and that same man didn't collect a pair of every animal species known to man and corral them onto that ark to save their lives? I think that's what your trying to tell me and, if it is, thank you, you are so right. oh, and what's the name that children's book with the talking monkey? It sounds interesting! :)

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I think the storybook with

I think the storybook with the talking monkey may have been called Genesis. ;)

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There's a lot of evidence to

There's a lot of evidence to support the idea of a "great flood" in ancient Mesopotamia:

However, NONE to support the idea of a global flood.

As for Noah's Ark, large boats were constructed and used often in those times as waterways were a main means of travel over great distances and fishing was a main food source, but to say a man put two of every animal on one to save them and his family is certainly exaggerated if not outrightly false. The existence of the arctic penguin and animal species on New Zealand, Australia, and the Galapagos Islands that can't possibly have arrived there AFTER said flood is pretty conclusive evidence against the Ark myth.

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Personally, I'm always amazed

Personally, I'm always amazed that arguments about Noah's Ark concentrate on the practicalities of ark-building and dispersion, and completely neglect the much bigger problem that THE STORY MAKES NO SENSE.

"The other day I noticed my daughter's climbing frame play area had some weeds in it, so I doused the whole caboodle with petrol and threw in a match. She was playing on it at the time, so I told her to make a fire-retardant suit out of kitchen foil - oh, and I made her wrap up two of each weed as well so we could plant them again afterwards."

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I think if there was a great

I think if there was a great flood, it was connected after the ice-age when all the ice were melt and flooded the world. If such phenomenon occurred, it would be something that science can explain, not something that resulted from god's anger. Remember that god is merciful, and if so, he will not let such flood kill many people.

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I am not sure if I would

I am not sure if I would believe on the Noah's ark. But I could probably believe on such great flood since great flooding is really happening or great changes of weather could happen. I agree on the idea that such boat should be constructed for anything that might happen. :P

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As an atheist one of the

As an atheist one of the things that has become more and more apparent is the arrogance and the exclusivity of Christians. All ancient people had creation stories and other mythologies to try to explain their world. Many of them overlap and have similar themes to the Christian creation story. But it is truly crazy why Christians would buy into thinking that their "crazy" stories could be true while all the others are not. That can only be explained through fear and brainwashing.

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It is true because it has the

It is true because it has the evidences that it actually existed but why build an ark? that's the true question. Don't you think how the dinosaurs been non existing they have been killed by that flood that ALIENS may have created artificially for the benefit of human kind.......Those gods from the past may have been interpreted by our ignorant ancestors and exaggerated their traits SO if you really are an atheist then you believe in ALIENS!

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Ark aside, the story of a

Ark aside, the story of a great flood is found in many cultures. The Native American Indians have stories of war between Thunderbirds and whales, and it's been thought by anthropologists that this may have been their way of describing the massive upheaval caused by some geographic event... though there are several events on record that it might have been, or a combination of several. The story has been used to record the dispersion of the tribes, with the age of the tribe being able to be estimated based on the version of the story they tell.

There's a bunch of other flood mythology found in other cultures that I didn't know about, and in a little late night exploration I found this paper - - it's semi-interesting, but a couple of the cited sources are really worth a read :)

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