Noahs Arc

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Noahs Arc

Noahs Arc. There are thousands of posts and arguments atheists debate with theists about the truth of God Almighty.Historical. philosophical , biological, evolution, stupid rituals, logic, "different religions(which one is true), and on and on But why bother when "miracles" alone "wins" the argument. Adam and Eve(Eve from the rib of Adam)-does that make any sense at all. Virgin Mary-think about it -come on Virgin Mary (God put semen into Mary"s vagina. Blood into wine. Moses and the ten commandments and the burning bush. The resurrection of Jesus- dead then alive-Jesus that seems ridiculous. My favorite is Noahs Arc. In fact forgetabouteverything including all the other Miracles. Noahs arc---that is the only miracle of all the other miracles you need. Noahs Arc-That's it. NOAHS ARC!!!!Millions of animals two of each kind (including Dinosaurs) on a giant wooden boat built by Noah and his family. It rains for 40 days and 40 nights and all the people ad other animals(not on he arc are killed.)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Noahs Arc Noahs Arc--------------------That's "IT". Nothing needs to be written or said or argued or discussed ..All the billions of Moslems, Jews, Christians etc. can give up their religion. Done-finished-nothing more to "say"-------------------------------------NOAHS ARC. End of "story!!!!!!!!! Atheist Republic can seize to exist- All the Mosques, Temples and Churches can close down and the property sold and the money used to feed the hungry in Africa. The Pope can smoke dope. Joel Osteen and all the prosperity preachers can give all the money to the poor. Religion no longer can condemn homosexuality .IMAGINE(JOHN LENON)-No more heaven or hell. No more priests to molest children. It is over---Done -Finished all over. The "story" and Noah's Arc-kills religion because it is so absurd, ridiculous, crazy stupid that religion comes to an end. Noah's Arc-the end of religion.

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What was the length of Noah's

What was the length of Noah's Arc? Clearly it was the integral from a to b of the squareroot{1+(dy/dx)^2}dx

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The ark was homogeneous?

The ark was homogeneous?

Pun quite fully intended....

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