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Not just a theory

Since so damn many theists claim evolutions just a theory i thought id post the link to a site that patiently explains why a scientific theory means something different to the common usage of the word theory.
Please check it out before trying to debate evolution.
By the way something interesting the missing link was found. Ill post a link fir that below the not just a theory link.

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Btw if anyone know a good

Btw if anyone know a good site that deals with the fossil record id appreciate a link.

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I like the layout of this one
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Thanks :)

Thanks :)

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Here's an article written by

Here's an article written by theists that explains what a scientific theory is and talks a little about evolution. Direct theists to this one if they only read stuff by Christians.

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Checked it out well written

Checked it out well written though they could have given some credit to Aristarchus of Samos the ancient greek that first used math to discover the planets orbited the sun. Ofcourse they couldnt because that would show we knew the earth wasnt the centre of the universe before they wrote in the bible that we were.

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Please post the 'missing link

Please post the 'missing link' links. Lmale

There is not just 1 missing link BTW, there needs to be at least 6-12 links showing a linear progression that happened from a Miocene ape to a human. What we have currently are pieces that could easily be attributed to other species/deformations/different branches.
There is not one link that shows similarity to the other to even suggest a linear evolution like Darwin suggested in his paper Origins of Man. if you claim that such links are found please post the links, I am interested in this subject.


I agree with most of the things supplied in the link regarding a theory.

Except this tiny mistake:
"theories in science remain theories – they don’t graduate to become something else (like a “law” for example)."

If a new technology emerges that enables us to confirm and visualize what used to be a scientific theory.
The the scientific theory "graduates" and becomes a FACT.

Definition of FACT:
Event, item of information, or state of affairs existing, "OBSERVED", or known to have happened, and which is confirmed or validated to such an extent that it is considered 'reality.'

So if there is a scientific theory that comes up with the idea that the earth is like a sphere, through enough testing and visual observation one can upgrade that to a fact.
Unless you are a flat earth theorist ofc. :) There are still some crazies around that haven't taken a plane yet. :)

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The link i posted was a news

The link i posted was a news article claiming the missing link had been discovered

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"If it is confirmed as a

"If it is confirmed as a missing link between the two groups, it would be of immense scientific importance, helping to fill in a gap in the evolutionary history of modern man."

read your own links man, not just the title

The title is usually there for eye catching.

They don't know yet if it is a link or not.

"It is thought that the new fossil to be unveiled this week will be identified as a new species that fits somewhere between Australopithicus and Homo habilis."

Even if it is, then it only shows a link between "Australopithicus and Homo habilis.", not between Homo habilis and humans.

Which means that this find means Jack shit to support Darwin's idea that we evolved from Miocene apes.

Stop falling for such ridiculous claims done by propaganda Lmale.

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The jury, so to speak, is

The jury, so to speak, is still not in on where Australopithecus sediba fits into the evolutionary tree. Although study of these fossils and debate continues, it will likely be some time before there is a consensus.

Lee Berger's work in the cradle continues. Perhaps his son will stumble onto another fossil.

NatGeo did a nice special on this dig called The Two Million Year Old Boy.

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It's just a theory... A game

It's just a theory... A game theory!

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