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There are typos.

There are typos. Too lazy to fix tho.

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I do not understand what is

I do not understand what is the problem with sensory systems here. They are there all the time, there is no such thing as an organism without sensory systems of some kind, as matter itself is reflective. Adult sponges do not have nerves, but they react to their environment and some species can even move as adults. Organisms are whole systems, and they evolve as such. I do not understand how this can be an issue.

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Just to clarify before I

Just to clarify before I respond. In what way are you saying sponges react to their environment?

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They can move, and the do it

They can move, and the do it as an answer to the environment. Besides they can "sneeze" (contract and expel water). Besides, individual cells have to be able to regulate their internal environment to stay functional, so they have to react to changes in salinity, for example, to stay in working condition. Besides, they have to be able to distinguish between edible and non-edible items to eat or reject them. they should also be able to track temperature or some other environmental variable as they have seasonal reproduction.

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LucyAustralopithecus - ...do

LucyAustralopithecus - ...do you actually touch, interact or sense anything?!

Just about anything you interact with in the macroscopic world is mediated by the exchange of light between electrons in the materials in question.


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