"Ooops, my bad", god

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"Ooops, my bad", god

Here is Southern Indiana, we have a church that it celebrating the laying of the foundation for their new church. The original building burned down because of an act of god, a lightning strike. This makes me ask some questions?

Did god just create insurance fraud?

Could the insurance company deny payment since it was self-inflected damage?

Does the church see it as punishment for unconfessed sin or is it just part of the mysterious ways of god?

It is always interesting when there is a disaster how the religious can claim it is a judgment from God when it is someone else. Yet, when it is them, it is just the natural order of the world. How easy it is to slip in and out of the supernatural when it fits your needs.

Just a little something to think about.

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"Self-inflicted damage".

"Self-inflicted damage". That is funny. I will confess to you, DP, that I'm stealing that line and using it every time an opportunity presents itself!

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Thanks and be my guest. Put

Thanks and be my guest. Put it to good use.

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Self-inflicted damage or

Self-inflicted damage or preordained events, whichever you choose to call it, has been the underpinnings of belief systems from day one. Nothing new here. When it's left to outright paradox we get the "God's love works in strange ways" nonsense.

"Thou shalt not kill". So, who killed the jesus character off in the play? God. Omnipotent, he is. With the death of the protagonist starts the conflict of what is preached versus what occurs versus what is forgiven versus what can be believed.

The question remains: 'With the existence of absolution can there be sin? If any mistake can be forgiven then are mistakes made? No, they are only opportunities for being forgiven without consequence. It's all pretty slanted towards man's continuing resolve to forgive himself and going so far as creating gods that sanction it.

Remove the god and people have to forgive themselves. We've seen plenty of evidence how that works.

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I’ve heard so many lame

I’ve heard so many lame excuses and stories by Christians over the years concerning “god’s will” stories I lapse into “how do I get out of here” mode quickly.

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As the character of god

As the character of god described in the bible, he seems to enjoy destroying his creation and fixing it afterwards. The authors of the bible are of high-intellect. Really!

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