"other religious beliefs are CRAZY!"

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"other religious beliefs are CRAZY!"

Last night we had some friends over. Suddenly, a couple of the people ( one of the ladies is very religious and home schools- " brainwashes"- her children) started to talk about religion. One lady had this friend of hers who's family " disowned" her for dating someone that wasn't a Jehova Witness. She stated that she didn't care what religion her son or daughter dated, or married into, how could her own family disown her for something like that. Then , the religious lady said," oh, they believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers...isn't THAT crazy!!" Then she started to say that Jesus said this, and Jesus did that, ( hmmmm...was she there??) and how ridiculous the beliefs of some of these other religions are. ISN'T THE WHOLE DAMN THING CRAZY, OR WHAT!!! NONE OF ANY OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE!!! I've often wondered...what if these people could actually hear themselves on a tape recording...would they then realize how OUTRAGEOUS, AND RIDICULOUS these things sound??!! Thats why I say this religion garbage is destroying humanity...it opens the door for these religious fanatics to do these crazy things like disown family, refuse medical treatment, etc. There are simply too many, religions, too many Gods, and too many different interpretations for all these different Gods, and religions. Some of these people believe the WACKIEST things, yet, to them, this is all right and good, and to differ is to be villified. The tragic thing is, human beings are being murdered over this stuff everyday... for things that were not even REAL!! The whole thing is NUTS!!! Does one outrageous story actually make more sense, or sound LESS crazy than the other? ( you just have to pity the children that live in these kind of homes)...WHAT A WORLD!!!

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