PA Governor just signed Statute of Limitations extenstion bill

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PA Governor just signed Statute of Limitations extenstion bill

The PA governor just signed the House bill to extend the statute of limitations. I will post more details when I have them.

The Senate Bill 540 had the 'Lovey Howell - Gilligan's Island Defense" i.e. The Church shouldn't be prosecuted for pedophilia as is does so much charity work. That argument would carry more weight if the bishops didn't have a documented history of raiding the Church funds.

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Australia has no statute of

Australia has no statute of limitations for any kind of sexual abuse/attack. I think it might be the same in the UK. That's why we see so many elderly men being persecuted for child abuse.

The recent trial and incarceration of Cardinal George Pell was especially satisfying. Unfortunately he's old and in poor health.He may not live to finish his sentence.

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Pell didn't get life?

Pell didn't get life?

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No he didn't. He was convicted of few of the original charges, much for technical reasons. He is now going to appeal to the High Court as he maintains his conviction was "unsafe".

He is in relative comfort in his prison with communications (by all accounts) not afforded other prisoners. The establishment are horrified that 'one of their own' has been convicted and are on radio, TV, social media and in the press spruiking his innocence and sheer impossibility of such a saintly person to commit such crimes.

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Just when you think religion

Just when you think religion could not possibly get any worse...

They make a mockery of justice, if somehow some justice was meted out to them. Might as well be the mob, setting up high priced lawyers and cushy jail sentences if any of their goons were to actually get "pinched." If only this religion mob had the same conviction rates of well connected actual mobsters, (Which is astonishingly low) I would be ecstatic, conviction rates would be up 10x.

You guys do know about "prisons for the rich" right here in the US right?

Almost always the rich convicts can get lower security prisons, and these prisons, while expensive (to both the taxpayer and the convicted) provide: (In at least one case: a 9 hole golf course on grounds,) computer labs, private bedrooms (no roommates, ever!) with completely private bathroom/shower. Pools and fitness centers, cable TV with premium channels available, And ofcourse high speed internet, (usually a tablet,) with few exceptions, yes there are people in prison that are watching netflix all day if they are rich and did not commit a violent crime (or sometimes even if they do!) Food cafeterias that are actually decent food, think more the college dorm cafeteria, not the best, but certainly way above typical prison food. There is even services where you can have food delivered to your room. Sounds like a hotel/resort to me.

And quite often they have "work release" that lets them leave the prison during normal business hours 5 days of the week!

And we all know this is true. Just look up stories of very famous rich people, even if they conned their way into the money, like: Bernard Madoff. While he was awaiting trial, he was in "house arrest" in a multimillion dollar penthouse, with private butler/staff service available 24/7.

Only reason he is not still doing so is because he went to a federal prison. But he still allowed special privileges and it is no rikers island. He currently runs the commissary, reading books and likes watching rap videos on tv. He does not have his own private bathroom however. And he does have to speak with lawyers constantly.

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Pell's been granted leave to make a final appeal against his conviction. He was sentenced to six years but will be eligible for parole in 2022. He's a sick man (in more ways than one) and may die before he gets out, so in a sense it's a life sentence.

His legal expenses would have paid for vaccinations, education, food, safe drinking water for countless children in impoverished countries. What a waste for this great pompous mound of corruption.

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