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Recently a white male, around the teens or so killed 9 people and got burger king when asked.. Eric garne sold untaxed cigs and was killed when asking for oxygen and it was not given... The difference was the teen 'respected' the authorities... Why is it that respecting the police is a more deciding factor then the crime you committed?

Not all police are demanding of resoect, but we have this society where if you respect the police or simply question their judgement they can choke you..

Any thoughts, this debate topic was inspired by Bernie Sanders new add and TYT news coverage story.

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I have met quite a few cops

I have met quite a few cops in my day. The problem is that:
1. A good number of them want to be heros and have a macho chip on their shoulder.
2. Many become cops because they are under educated and take the job as an alternative to competing in the public job market.
3. A few find a calling and actually want to make a difference.

Respect is a big deal with cops. The bad cops treat respect as a one way street like a Mafia Don. They break every law in the book themselves and think that they are entitled to do so.
There is a problem with cops covering for each other as well. It's hard for a good cop to report crimes of other cops because they are harassed and ostracized for it.
Most people think the percentage of bad cops is about 10%, but I think it is close to 60%.
I have friends that are cops and I respect the law, not necessarily all cops. That doesn't mean that I am disrespectful to any of them.
Generally cops are racist and that factor enters into everything that they do. They don't understand that economics is the biggest factor in crime.

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