Poll: Brits View Atheists As More Moral Than Believers

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Poll: Brits View Atheists As More Moral Than Believers

Interesting article with an impressive video that counters believer's claims concerning morality. Please read and view the video and let a discussion begin:


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Good to know that finally

Good to know that finally someone is noticing what we already knew.

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Nice post ImFree!

Nice post ImFree!

Its to bad this site does not have an area where we can vote for or favorite topics to have them pushed toward the top because I would definitely vote in favor of this one to keep it there as a reminder to theist who come to the site that atheist may actually be more moral then they are.

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This can make some believers

This can make some believers feel bad especially if they are moral from the start. Morality is not shaped by what we believe. We know what we are doing so no religion can teach us to do what is right.

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nah religion can teach you

nah religion can teach you immoral things and usually it does.

what are you smoking?

slavery is OK to most major religions
woman are inferior in major religions.

morality and skepticism is what changed that.

religion is the only enemy that can hinder progress to our morality.

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