Priest risk jail

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Priest risk jail

Religious leaders in Australia said three years in jail is better than breaking the seal of confession for child sex abuse

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What a bunch of slime bags.

What a bunch of slime bags. Geeez....

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maybe they need to increase

maybe they need to increase the jail time to say 30 years for priest failing to report child sex abuse.

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It sure shows what value they

It sure shows what value they place on little children.

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And the archbishop of

And the archbishop of Melbourne is publicly wondering why congregations are plummeting....BTW the French Archbishop somewhere also stated he and his priests would go to prison rather than subject themselves to reporting sex crimes or abuse ...go figure how wonderfully humane these pigs really are.

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This may appear to be cynical

This may appear to be cynical to some, but there's a reason that big organisations protect their miscreants ... watch this video featuring a Tory MP explaining the modus operandi involved ...

We'll cover up for you if you've been fucking small boys - at a price

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The issue of " The Seal Of

The issue of " The Seal Of Confession" has been around for a very long time.,centuries.

PLUS for centuries, no member of the clergy could be tried by civil authorities for any crime whatsoever. They could only be tried in an ecclesiastical court. I suspect that would have been much the same as with the pedophile priests in our life time; forgiven and moved.

I just had a thought. I read that the Pope of the day was warned that a celibate clergy was a really bad idea.---in the fifth century., He must have listened .A celibate clergy did not become canon law until about the 12th century, I think. It is described by the church as a discipline, not doctrine.

So we have 1000 years of a celibate priesthood . Don't know about you, but my mind boggles at the timescale of likely abuse.
This notion is given a bit of traction, I think by the extent to which such abuses and their cover up have become entrenched within the system of the Churches.

A niggle; the sexual abuse of children is by no mean restricted to the celibate clergy of the Catholic church. I have heard of such abuse occurring in various Christian churches, as well as in the Amish, orthodox Jewish and even Muslim schools.

Sexual activity between Buddhist monks has been a thing for centuries. Keeping in mind that young boys still often enter Buddhist monasteries .There are also such persons as Buddhist nuns, they do not take vows of chastity as a requirement. .

Could it be that the abuse has more than one cause? I've always thought it could be is as much about power and control as about sex.

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In the interest of trying to

In the interest of trying to be optimistic, I have a thought that provides me with just a small glimmer of happy sunshine. Consider this...

It stands to reason that those pedophile fucks who actually go to confession are obviously having a pang of guilty conscious in regards to what they are doing. Meaning they go to confession to get some sort of "forgiveness" from the priest and their "loving" god in an effort to ease their disturbed and guilty minds. And in doing so, they can totally forget about the horrendous acts they have already committed and go back out into the world all nice and "clean" to commit increasingly horrible acts to the same and/or different children. So far so good, right? Well, now with that law being put into place mandating priests report such confessions to authorities, it could potentially put doubt into the minds of those deplorable fucktards about whether or not to go to confession, because they may not know which priests will or will not report them. As a result, I can foresee a couple or so different consequences that could arise...

1. The guilt-ridden offender, having nobody available on which to unload that sickening mental burden, finally stops committing such acts and makes an effort to "reform" on his/her own. (VERY unlikely, but possible, nonetheless.)

2. After so many days/weeks/months of not being able to confess, the guilt-ridden piece of shit finally cannot take it anymore and decides to put a bullet through his/her own brain. (My personal favorite outcome.) Granted, if a firearm is not handy, then there are always other options available. For example, eating a bucket full of rat poisoning would work quite well. Oh, and injecting a 10cc syringe full of hydrochloric acid directly into an artery or vein would be a wonderful way to check out. For the truly dedicated, there is the Native American method of tying a piece of wet leather tightly around the throat and then laying out in the middle of the desert with both hands and feet securely bound as the leather dries and slowly shrinks. A variation of that would be for the sick fuck to cover himself/herself in rotting meat and fish guts while secured on the ground and wait for the vultures and various insects to arrive for the feast. After all, why waste a perfectly good bullet when there are so many other creative options to use?

3. The sewage scum becomes so over-ridden with guilt it eventually drives him/her insane and gets the individual sent off to a mental institution for the remainder of their life.

Like I said, though, option number 2 is my preferred choice of outcomes.

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So what the F is the RC

So what the F is the RC church trying to do? Pull the sheets over their heads and hope it all goes away by the next generation?

I have seen this before in the history of the roman catholic church, to go uber-conservative and hope whatever problem is brewing goes away in a few dozen years. Barring the ability to make slight evolutionary changes over the years, sticking to their dogma is how the roman catholic church has survived. And obviously, they like their little boys, preserving this disgusting practice.

The right thing is to bar anyone tainted by this scandal.

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@Priest risk jail (AKA)

@Priest risk jail (AKA) Fucking Assholes!!!

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Nothing a bolt gun couldn't

Nothing a bolt gun couldn't sort out...

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Or a "guillotine"... What? we are not inn 1789????? "Bref", I shouldn't want the death of another human being. But, stripping the guy of all his titles, some time in jails and forcing him to have a real job...

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This thread reminds me of the

This thread reminds me of the quotes of Denis Diderot …. so many of which are so very often so very apt.

"The God of the Christians is a father who makes much of his apples, and very little of his children. "

Denis Diderot

or perhaps …...

" Man will never be free until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last priest "....


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1. These priest know they

1. These priest know they will go to minimum security resort prisons, (private rooms/bathrooms) and get out on "good behavior" after maybe 6 months. At least if they were sentenced in the U.S. If they get convicted at all. And will go right back to their cushy jobs.

2. They got everyone in their organization believing some sort of deity is the ultimate judge/jury/executioner, so if they were actually guilty that "god" will sort it out. Course if I were to assault a pedo priest for getting anywhere near any kids, they will rely on the local justice system to toss me in jail and probably throw away the key. (They won't leave god to sort that one out, my punishment happens asap!)

While many religious institutions around the world are weakening compared to their peak hundreds of years ago, they still have the justice system firmly bent strongly into their favor. Lots of money and power = minimal actual justice for these horrible pedo priest.

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