Questioning the Implausibilities (Giving reason a chance)

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Questioning the Implausibilities (Giving reason a chance)

I have always seen Muslims here threaten a Christian with hell like "Repent
and turn to God and his holy prophet Muhammed or burn in hell" Ironically
Christians also accord the same favour to them like "You will burn in hell if
you don't accept Jesus" and then funny enough both religions too regard
atheists to be hell bound and also adherents of other religions.

You see, its not even about being a theist. they all still think you are going to
hell either way as long as its not theirs. . Christians still think Muslims are
going to hell just like atheist even though Muslims believe in a God and same
thing goes the other way round.

Now looking at the idea of HELL, it is ok to point out the heavy influence of
greek culture on the new testament. The old testament (Judaic Tenark) knows
nothing like a HELL, but the influence of the greek underworld concept
TARTARUS gave birth to sickening concept HELL when adopted by the newly
emerged religion.

I once told a christian that was preaching to me "The very concept of a HELL,
ridicules the idea of a God. It insults it and drags it to a level lower than a
human" One might be thinking my reason for saying this.

I have wooed many girls in my life and if i recall correctly i have never said
to any of them "I love you, love me back or i hurt you" any sane mind will
see that everything should be wrong in that statement.
The very idea of me hurting her if she doesn't love me back nullifies my
confession of love for her.

Take another look at that statement, it is a blackmail and an abusive word. I
have threatened her so it is a blackmail, if she doesn't love me back i will
hurt her. It is a sheer blackmail giving her two nonsensical choices.

Now this is one of the reasons religious people do not know that they
themselves ridicule their God concepts even more than atheists, We have seen
everything wrong in the statement i presented above, but then again let us
show the very large scaled way this is used.

God says "I love you, if you don't love me back i will burn you in hell forever"
Am sure everyone can now see everything wrong in this, it is blackmail, it is
blatant abuse and the very sadistic idea of punishing someone because they
don't reciprocate your love reveals egoism at a chronic level, it is barbaric as
well as it is repulsive and blatantly implausible.

Yet they want us to swallow that a perfect being operates within such childish egoism and abusive ways.
Come to think of it, God should be perfect right? Yes Yes God is perfect. God
is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, He is even omniperfect.

This very idea of perfection is a flaw in the character people have heaped on
their different God concepts. Let us see how.

God is perfect, perfection needs nothing. A circle needs nothing added to it to
make it 360°. At 360° a circle is perfect and it is impossible to add even 1°
and if you take away 1° and makes it 359° it ceases to be a circle.

So God is perfect, God needs nothing, you can never add anything to it neither
can you take away, perfection is just perfection.
If this is the case and God is perfect, this surely means such being needs
nothing like Worship, reverence, acknowledgement, praise and all these
because it is just perfect.

If God is perfect it simply means that all the worship and reverence etc are
useless because he doesn't need them, unless you assert it is not perfect
then i will agree it needs them to feed his ego and so feel important.

But religions drag their God concept too low to a level that it needs worship
and acknowledgement on daily basis, needs it real bad even threatens people
with eternal torture if you fail to give it, this very quality betrays the idea of
perfection and drags down the God concept to the state of Egoism,
Narcissism, sadism and all round imperfect.....

"Believe i exist and i reward you, disbelieve and i will hurt you so bad forever
in an eternal roasting fire" Can abuse and blackmail get any cheaper? You
would agree with me an existent powerful and perfect being (if there is even
need to) do not need people to be threatening others as to hogwash them
into believing it exists, rather it should be able to prove its own existence,
isn't it?
This also shows how religions ridicule God and not atheist.

Again, a perfect being should be above hate, anger, jealousy, grief and all,
these disturbing emotions are all characteristics of mundane beings like us
because it stems from our own emotional insecurity but if God is perfect it is
impossible for such emotions to hold sway on it, it is impossible for it to
operate within the confines of these emotions, But the religions are heaping
on us God concepts that operate within the confines of such disturbing
emotions as Anger, jealousy, hate and even bear grudges with humans and
then wrap it under the guise of perfection and expect any right thinking
human not to ask questions or refute such ideas!

The very acknowledgment of these emotions in a supposedly perfect being kills the idea of perfection and portrays a very imperfect being or should i say concept.
This yet again is another way religions ridicule and insult their God concepts.
It is common knowledge for Christians and Muslims, to claim their holy
books are all flawless and perfect without blemish and are the words of the
supposedly perfect God who created the universe.

But just a look at the books it shows the skills of mundane men in every inch
of it, it depicts the knowledge of ordinary men and claiming such to be from
a perfect being ridicules and insults the very intellect of such entity because
you would be sure a perfect being would do better.

One cannot help but imagine how the very mythological historical antiquity of
a certain set of people (which makes up almost 60% of the bible) is the word
of a God, how?

Or the very misogynistic, chauvinistic, barbaric, blood drenched charges as
seen in different verses of both the Quran and the Bible connotes a universal
deity of a perfect status, That is also an insult to the very being these books
claim to belong to.

And this yet again shows how religions insult and ridicule their own God

Another idea is the chosen race brouhaha, A perfect universal God would
choose one people specially over others and you still tag it a universal
concept? That is clearly the worst form of racism and such favouritism
ideology betrays the very concept was invented by the very people it favours
and loves more than others even to the extent of taking their side in wars
against others (which allegedly he supposed to have created)think about it,
this betrays a huge character flaw and a ridicule to the idea of a universal
God and is sheer implausible.

Most people in religions often think it is blasphemy to think or ask questions,
in fact i have once thought like that. They are afraid to question God and the
disturbing characters it is portrayed to have. As a matter of fact many times
this fear effectively keeps most locked up in their respective religions
because no one wants to be punished by a perfect but again JEALOUS God.

Many would say: Why do atheist discuss God? It is quite simple, differences
in ideologies creates room for healthy discussion, scrutiny of the idea. Atheist
might lack belief in the God concepts but the stories are there, we have
Hindu books to read brahma stories, bible to read yahweh stories, Quran to
read Allah stories and many other deities out there just like we also have
J.R.R Tolkien Lord of the rings book to read about Gandalf, one necessarily
do not need to BELIEVE Gandalf is real before discussing Gandalf, The
discussion is always a call to reason and a charge to allow your mind pour
out their questions.

Another would ask: Atheists are afraid of hell!
Lol. . this one is always funny, if an atheist is afraid of hell there is no way
he would still be an atheist, not at all....In fact we see hell exactly the way
we see children who thinks fairies are real its a very hilarious idea.
Again, this write up is not an attack on any religion either is it meant to
insult any, it only remains a stimulus to independent reason, healthy
questions unbound by fear. I hope none sees it as an attack to their religion.
Man always have been a curious being, Man is not a robot that downloads
every data you input into it, man should be able to weigh and compare,
scrutinize and even criticize. . so do not be afraid to allow your questions

Nothing in life is to be feared only understood, this is the time to understand
more so we may fear less... Because a subtle thought in error can give rise to
useful enquiry that can establish truth of great value
Buddha once said: Believe nothing, even if you heard it from me. unless it
agrees with your own reason.

This shows you are supposed to subject every idea to judgement of your own
independent reason. Let go of the fear because there is nothing to fear when
using your own brain and judgment.... if i am to go on with ways religions
ridicule their own God, i would write on forever but let me stop where i am

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I think you would like this:

I think you would like this:

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I have always found the

I have always found the Christian concept of heaven to be more troubling than their concept of hell.

Id be content to never vacation in either heaven or hell.

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