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At least I got half of it:

At least I got half of it: bitching.


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@Arakish Re: "At least I got

@Arakish Re: "At least I got half of it: bitching."

No, you didn't.

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Listen up all you devil

Listen up all you devil-worshiping, God-hating atheists! You need to be shown once and for all just how incredibly wrong and stupid your Atheist Religion is. Everybody with any amount of brains can tell you that the atheist World View of something coming from nothing is totally absurd, except in the case of our Lord God who has been around for all eternity before there ever was such a thing as time or our universe. Therefore it is really childish to think all of life was created over the course of billions of years from the giant explosion you call the “Big Bang”. And as for your silly little “Theory of Evolution”, it is obviously not true Man evolved from monkeys, otherwise it would not be called a “theory”. Why is it not called the “Fact” of Evolution, huh? Besides, all one has to do is look around and see there are still monkeys in the world, and nobody has ever reported seeing one change into a human. Therefore, the atheist faith in science is no different than the theist faith in an omnipotent, omniscient, invisible, supernatural, non-corporeal entity that is completely outside space and time and has zero properties that are in any way detectable or testable. You simply do not want to believe, because you have no morals and all you want to do is live your lives sinning as much as you can. We will pray to our God to have mercy on your souls, but we will also rejoice and praise His name when he sends all your heathen asses to hell.

Furthermore, we are getting sick and tired of all the uneducated atheists who have never read the bible, and have never had faith, trying to quote the bible to us. It is obvious you have no idea how to read the bible in the manner it was meant to be read. Just because several dozen passages of scripture within the PERFECT WORD OF GOD happen to depict our all-benevolent, all-loving, all-caring, and all-forgiving God as a petty, jealous, and homicidal megalomaniac ordering and condoning horrendous and deplorable acts of violence against his beloved humans does NOT mean God is evil. It only means you cherry-picking atheists are taking those scriptures out of context and not considering the entire divine book as a whole. Along those same lines, you also apparently forget Satan is responsible for most of the sin and evil in the world today. Oh, and just because you can point to a scripture (or two or three or four or…) showing that God made Satan and that God created evil just goes to show you have absolutely no idea how to determine the difference between literal, hyperbole, and analogy. When will you atheists ever learn that the writing and various interpretations of the bible were done by fallible men under the direction of our PERFECT GOD who allowed the fallible man to determine the best way to interpret and write the bible in the way the fallible man thought would be best understood by the people during the time period the bible was written? And even though the words of the Lord were meant to be followed by Mankind throughout all of time, it is perfectly okay to disregard those verses that may not apply to our modern age, because the people and societies during the times of Moses and Jesus were totally different cultures and had different laws and rules back then. It is utterly ridiculous to try to apply those particular laws in the bible to our modern society of today, but since God’s Word is PEFECT, we should always strive to live by His rules to guide us toward His glorious light in our daily lives. And always remember, God loves you and created you so that he could have fellowship with you. But God does not want to force you to love him. Therefore, God will reveal Himself to you ONLY if YOU want him to do so. Yet, He is so loving and forgiving and generous that He will love and forgive you no matter what. Still, if you do not allow God into your life, He will be forced to send you to hell where you will be tortured forever, making it your own fault for not believing in him, even though He refuses to show Himself to you until you believe in Him.

So, there you go, atheists. Can’t make things much more clear than that. The ball is in your court now. We will be praying for you, but if you refuse to believe in our Lord and Heavenly Father and accept Him into your heart, then you are pretty much shit out of luck. Have a blessed day.

(Sooooo.... Did I miss anything?)

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You certainly have a way with words.

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Yea, lots of them. I

Yea, lots of them. I thought it was Breezy for a minute there.

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Oh, and one more thing....

Oh, and one more thing....

Would you closed-minded and bitter atheists PLEASE stop asking us theists for evidence and proof of our God's existence. How many times do we have to tell you thick-skulled Neanderthals that WE have FAITH? Therefore, WE do not require proof to believe in our infinitely divine Lord and Savior. However, since you Satan-loving atheists have no faith, YOU are absolutely required to provide proof and evidence that our Blessed Father does NOT exist. Oh, and the fact that you all sometimes say, "We do not know how or why that is," just goes to show how unwilling you are to accept God into your hearts.

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@Tin-Man I may plagiarize and

@Tin-Man I may plagiarize and post your words on a few theist sites just to see if I get banned.

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@Meep Re: "I may plagiarize

@Meep Re: "I may plagiarize and post your words on a few theist sites just to see if I get banned."

BANNED???... Hell, I would think you could post that and be welcomed with open arms as an absolute legend! lol

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Okay, I originally posted

Okay, I originally posted this in another thread, but that thread was hellaciously long. Figured I would place it here to make it more easily noticed. Oh, and for those who may have missed it, the reason I use the butter knife instead of a razor is because I'm not allowed to have sharp objects.

Tin-Man's Butter Knife:

"Any ridiculous nonsense presented will be countered with opposing ridiculous nonsense of an equal or greater amount."

Sounds quite scholarly, does it not?... *beaming smile*

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Tin-Man: "I'm not allowed to

Tin-Man: "I'm not allowed to have sharp objects."

Tell your wife I said she is very intelligent.


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@Arakish Re: "Tell your

@Arakish Re: "Tell your wife I said she is very intelligent."

Yeah, the only reason I am allowed to use a steak knife at dinner is because she is there to supervise me. Still, it is usually easier (and less stressful) for her to just cut the meat into small pieces herself before putting my plate on the table.


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