Religion trumps facts?!

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Religion trumps facts?!

So I just stumbled across this online...

Please tell me that this is bollocks!

Surely some of our American fellow primates can shed some light on this horse shit?!

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Looks like a clear violation

Looks like a clear violation of Separation of Church and State. State funded schools allowing religious institutions to direct the answers to questions on tests. Isn't that what private religious schools are for? Let's hope the bill is challenged and eliminated quickly.

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I am always stunned at the

I am always stunned at the arrogance and ignorance of creationists, this story makes me feel sorry for the children whose education is being blighted in the name of superstition. Shameful stuff, it really is, and we have faith schools in the UK that are indoctrinating the children in their care, and presenting scientific facts like evolution in the context that accepting them is an individual choice for students who then of course exclusively "choose" to believe the risible creationist myths they've been spoon fed from childhood.

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This is Freedom of Ignorance

This is Freedom of Ignorance in action. It's always been a God-given right to be wrong.

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And a whole new generation of

And a whole new generation of stupid is born.....

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The debate in the comments

The debate in the comments at Patheos now centres on some hairsplitting. One view is that the bill only says the student can not be penalised for any answer based on his/her religious belief, but the bill does not specify whether the answer can still be marked down if its still factually incorrect. Stupid theist legislators.

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The answer is simple. DONALD


They wouldn't let Obama appoint judges and are now stacking the courts with incompetent nut cases.

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Well, you have to adopt the

Well, you have to adopt the position "if reality and doctrine differ, reality is wrong and doctrine is right", simply in order to be one of the fundagelical wingnuts. You can't be one unless you take that position. This festering pustule of a bill is, sadly, one of the logical conclusions of allowing that pestilential fundagelical inversion of reality to influence policy, and the longer the USA allows fundagelical wingnuts to corrupt and pervert legislation in this manner, the more it will slide down the chute, at the bottom of which lies a sign "You are now Burkina Faso with stealth bombers".

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Agreed, the whole world should be alarmed and in horror of the overall decline and increasing corruption along with the extreme inequality occurring in the US. Not just what it means to the USA, but the entire world.

Increasingly a banana republic, except the USA has 11 aircraft carriers, (read: air bases that can move,) near total military superiority. In a USA vs the rest of the world scenario, and the deciding factor would probably simply be the element of surprise. (Who strikes first.) And enough hydrogen bombs to easily wipe out all life on earth dozens of times over incase USA was losing this hypothetical "war" of the USA vs the world. Scary stuff.

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