Requesting Theist’s Opinions

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Requesting Theist’s Opinions

I think atheists are much more pragmatic over a situation such as this and their input will be welcome they want to comment.

However, I’m curious how theists would judge what constitutes lust and sin if these girl(s) marry and have sexual relations with their husband(s). They are now in their twenties:

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When it comes to morality, I

When it comes to morality, I don't think atheists and theists differ on their opinions.

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I disagree, if they were gay,

I disagree, if they were gay, most theist would start denying their human rights.

So no morality of theist and atheists are not the same.

We atheists derive it from an understanding of reality and we undestand this concept
The theist derive it from misconception of reality mixed with their theistic theology, and the do not understand it at all.

I'm sorry but you cannot equate the 2 on the same level.

Theists are confused while atheist are logical regards to morality.

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