Rna disaster for evolution?

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Rna disaster for evolution?

Anyone seen this the latest 'weapon' against evolution.
Science apparently has a problem with rna.
I can tell the guy using the argument does not understand hes found it on a creationist site and is attempting to brow beat non scientists.
But i dont understand it either so cant defend against it.

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From what I was able to

From what I was able to gather, all this article is saying is that the branches of the evolutionary tree may get re-arranged some...not that the tree is being cut down.

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The method of evolution may

The method of evolution may have to change but the fact of evolution through natural selection will remain thats been proven by staggering amounts of evidence. Yet i still see theists saying theres not one bit of evidence that supports evolution lol.
One guy tried to tell me the fossil record disproved evolution when i asked for his source he shut up lol

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Did he even explain how that

Did he even explain how that could happen?

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