The Rosary and other repetitive prayers

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The Rosary and other repetitive prayers

Catholics pray repetitively particularly with the rosary. I do that when I was a Christian too. Now I don’t know the sense of doing it so. Does the catholic god has a problem in hearing prayers that are not repeated or he just loves redundancy?

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This is just a form of

This is just a form of indoctrination. Repetition of anything will lead to automatic response eventually. This is exactly what happens with prayer and the excesive use they give it in some religions.

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Hit the nail on the head.

Hit the nail on the head.

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Repeat after me.....I'm free,

Repeat after me.....I'm free, I'm free.....repeat after me.....I'm free.........

I'm always impressed to see that people don't even realize they are being brainwashed.

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You are right mysticrose the

You are right mysticrose the catholic god seems to love repetition. This is because he was made up in a way that allows branwashing techniques.

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I'm also thinking that maybe

I'm also thinking that maybe they uses some sort of psychological stuffs in praying. When we believe in things that we want and we always utter it or accept that it will happen, then we are working with the law of attraction. That may be the same secret in praying and not necessary that god can't hear our prayers in one saying. Does it make sense?

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It's not at all about God. it

It's not at all about God. it's about entering a meditative state. Every religion has that sort of mechanism in it, and the Rosary is for Catholics. The entire institution of praying to repent for sins, and consequently praying Monastic priests to do it for you, was hinged on the mechanism of occupying yourself with a well learned, repetitive action that ties up the parts of your brain that would distract you from purely higher thought. If there were a God, it would be that higher though he wants to listen to, not the prayer.

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Maybe you right too. In

Maybe you right too. In praying, we have to focus to reach meditative state and a repetitive prayer can help us focus on some good thoughts and avoid distraction from our surroundings. It's just cool seeing Catholics praying rosary while doing other stuffs at the same time like listening to a priest during mass or being distracted with other tasks in mind. I mean it seems cool but doesn't make sense when it's about praying or meditation.

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I've always loved rosaries -

I've always loved rosaries - I still have a few, though I really don't pray. It's about the art to me :)

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me too, about the art. I'm

me too, about the art. I'm atheist, but there is religious art in my home :)

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Glad I'm not the only one! It

Glad I'm not the only one! It's both a blessing and a shame that the Catholic church is such a strong patron of the arts - some of the best works were commissioned by the church. It's interesting to see what visionary artists have done with the same entrenched religious themes - some have made them quite beautiful.

Of course, the same could be said about any religion's art. My favorite is Egyptian, followed by Byzantine as far as style is concerned... but the emotion really comes through in the christian art of Europe.

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Well the in the bible Jesus

Well the in the bible Jesus specifically rebukes repetitive chanting prayer like the Pharisees do. So I don't know why any church that worships from the bible would do the exact opposite of what it says. I never understood that.

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Na the church does whats in

Na the church does whats in its own best interests. God or jeasus come in second.

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