Sanctity of Marriage

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Sanctity of Marriage

I work with a theist. He was a wayward child until reined in by one of those Christian-based regimented schools where the flogging continues until everyone is happy. He stayed with the place and became a machinist for its mission working on vehicles.

Anyway, he's 63 and shacking with a woman. His gospel called him down for it and now he wants to marry the woman. Both are divorced and claim that their married lives were not happy ones. He doesn't want to live in sin and she doesn't want to be married again.

So, he's moving out rather than live in sin. It will put a financial bind on each of them if two separate residences enter the picture. She's fine with living together unmarried. He wants to set a good example for himself for god and extended family, in that order, completely disregarding her.

The bible is a thick book transparent to all but imbeciles.

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Well, I am sorry to hear that

Well, I am sorry to hear that your coworker is having relationship troubles. If they are experiencing a schism of values and desires that wide, it is a good thing they didn't marry, and you may want to remind him that ALL premarital sex is a sin

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