Saving the Catholic church with contraception

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Saving the Catholic church with contraception

A Catholic cathedral on Australia's west coast is being damaged by flocks of corella parrots, which are tearing up the roof and stripping insulation from wires, creating a fire hazard. The latest suggestion is to spread bait laced with bird contraceptives to reduce the numbers of these heathen feathered vandals, but what would the Pope say?

"Behold the birds of the heaven, that they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; and your heavenly Father feedeth them."



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They're only just lucky it

Double post...move along...nothing to see here.

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They're only just lucky it

They're only just lucky it weren't the hordes of godless atheist cockatoos. They'd be lucky to have a roof left; forty or so years ago a biblical plague of cockies invaded Sydney and almost dismantled the state parliament house, beakful by anachist beakful and they were not swayed by political threats.
Anyway how do this papal congregation know their god hasn't sent the corellas to punish them?
Would they dare to challenge god's will? Or just depopulate the birdies He has so carefully looked after?

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The fact that no religion in

The fact that no religion in the history of man has ever had any sort of "divine" protection or even assistance over any other religion (or lack thereof) Is one of my "tent pole" evidence arguments that at the very least, state" no one religion has gotten the "god" guesses right yet.

This bird pest problem on a "holy" house dedicated to the worship of their supposed god idea being just as susceptible as any other building to "nature." Is just one of many MANY! powerful hints that even if there was some sort of god, worshipping the various god ideas so far instills zero tangible benefit to the user outside of human interference.

Basically, by the evidence, there is zero advantage to follow any religion made up yet so far on any sort of "god"/cosmic level.

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