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I live out in Vancouver, Washington state USA . Lately someone or some people have been putting up signs around here saying ( Jesus loves you ) This bothers me!!!
Someone else put up a sign next under one of these sign's said Zeus loves you more . Well the Zeus sign only stayed up a few days before the nice Christian sign god tore it up and threw it on the ground. I want to make more signs like the Zeus one but would really like to team up with who ever put up the Zeus sign. I'm out numbered here.

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That's quite funny. Maybe the

That's quite funny. Maybe the Christians out there just want to express how much they love Jesus so they put signs. You can put those signs by telling the government in your place since the signs are on the public property, right? Don't waste time joining the Zeus group because they're wasting time too.

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LOL, I understand you would

LOL, I understand you would want to do this for the humor and fun.

I don't know about the laws in that area but do I know in MA when it comes to political signs at least that if someone takes down your sign its illegal so long as you obtain permission to put up your sign in the first place. So if i were you and the rules about vandalism apply there the same as here, I would first obtain permission to put up your signs saying "Zeus loves your more" and perhaps "but Odin loves you most" a little further down the road and place a camera on them to help you persecute anyone who tears down or destroys your signs.

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if you add at the start of

if you add at the start of the "Jesus loves you" sign, Islam, that would piss them off most :P
"Islam Jesus loves you"
You might actually start a war this way lol

then they say that religion does not bring division :P

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The funny thing is these are

The funny thing is these are just crappy signs put up weeks ago and no one touches them. But soon as the Zeus sign went up it didn't last a week before being torn down. I like to put bright red letters on top of the jesus loves you saying ( BRAIN WASHED )

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Don't do this but a "Jesus

Don't do this but a "Jesus loves you, but everyone else thinks you're an asshole," sign would be funny.

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I'm partial to the classic,

I'm partial to the classic, "Jesus loves you! But I'm his favorite."

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No that's not the angle I'm

No that's not the angle I'm thinking I like to insult them and make them think at same time. I want to put Brain washed over the top of there sign. Just in red letters. But I'm still pondering.

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Jeasus loves you brainwashed

Jeasus loves you brainwashed would be humorous and technically true at the same time.

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