Sleep paralysis

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Sleep paralysis

'Ten years ago, Solomon Edwards was lying in bed, drifting off to sleep, when he became aware that he couldn’t move his legs. Nor, he soon realised, his arms, hands or feet. He tried to call for help but couldn’t make any sound. As his panic mounted, a small child appeared in front of him. She came within a few inches of his face, screamed and then burst into flames.'

I know someone who suddenly became a fervent Christian … and now frequently prays to Jesus … after experiencing a bout of asleep paralysis and being told that demons were involved.

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A roommate in my Christian

A roommate in my Christian college suddenly started making weird, sort of muffled noises at night. I said her name, and nothing. So I went over to her and, as I remember, shook her while saying her name, and she came out of it in an absolute panic. She was crying, saying that she had felt a great pressure on her chest, as if a demon were trying to hold her down and keep her from breathing, and she could do nothing at all. She said she thought she wasn't saved. She was completely distraught, so I ran out to find a floor leader. That person contacted another higher-up, who then came to the room. I can't remember if they prayed or what, only that it was more of consoling her. If SOMEONE had been knowledgeable about sleep paralysis, they could have done a lot of good in that moment. At that time, there was NO doctor or nurse practitioner on campus. Christian schools are often woefully inadequate at dealing with things like this, and they tend to view them through religious eyes, which can do a LOT of damage.

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I suffer sleep paralysis

I suffer sleep paralysis about twice a month. I think it is the reaction to be overloaded with pain from the lower back to my tippy toes virtually all the time. Sometimes so bad, like right now at this instant. The pain gets so bad all I can do is lay in bed and suffer. I mean the pain gets so bad sometimes that only morphine can help, or complete sedation. That is why I have some pills that will put me to sleep for at least six hours. And I am drifting off to that la la land as I type. And it seems to be taking me forever cause I can't type worth a damn laying bed slowly passing out. Fuck it. Let me go.


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I love sleep paralysis. It

I love sleep paralysis. It is the precursor to OBE. Yes, I have heard the story before. It is also a common myth that during an OBE experience your "Spirit" actually exits your body in an "astral projection." During this time evil spirits can get in and take over your body. Religious nonsense.

Dream Cultures were around for hundreds of thousands of years and unfortunately the art of dreaming has long been lost to the general population as it has been so filled with mysticism and WooWoo assertions as to be completely disenfranchised by modern science.

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As someone who's been

As someone who's been experiencing sleep paralysis for over 15 years (not on a night basis of course) I can tell you first hand that is has 0 to do with region. I experience sleep paralysis anytime I sleep on my back or just "over tired" which is what baby go through up until 4-5. It's it a fun experience but, I have learned to "control" it. By control it I mean I now know what it is and I'm able to stay calm until I eventually wake up. Sooooooo since there's nothing to debate here and it's not about religion or atheism. I respectfully ask, why is this posted here?

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You guys are interesting, I

You guys are interesting, I actually seek the state of sleep paralysis. I also lay on my back but I also put in ear plugs and attempt to block out all stimulation. Sleep paralysis is just the body separating from the brain. This is a safety mechanism so that you do not harm yourself while dreaming. By concentrating on my breathing or a counting system I am able to slip into this state and by simply continuing to concentrate and ignore the paralysis state, I begin to feel like I am falling and then there is a rush like a train whizzing by or flying down the road on a motorcycle at 100mph. After that, I just roll over and stand up and float about the room in an astral projection.. It is not an astral projection. It is just the mind in a state akin to lucid dreaming. Much has been written about astral projection by morons. Nothing mysterious. Nothing spiritual, Nothing out of the ordinary. And as many people on this site that have sleep paralysis, I am sruprised more of you do not experience this.

Another unusual thing the body does is PHANTOM LIMB SYNDROME. This is common in people that have lost limbs. I experienced it when I had a spinal to numb my lower body for knee surgery. The doctor had slung my leg up on his shoulder to wrap it but I swore it was not my leg. I felt my leg on the operating table just below me. I could not convince my brain that the leg the doctor was holding was mind.

Astral projection is the same thing. The entire body goes numb. It goes into sleep paralysis. But by counting or staying alert, you end up creating an astral self. (Nothing outside your body.) Your brain creates a body in a sort of dream state. And when you get good at this you can walk around rooms and visit places. (Not real rooms and not real places. Don't be silly.) It really does seem that way though.

I've gone to a coffee shop that is under the pier at Newport Beach. The waves crash up against the glass windows as I sit and enjoy coffee. What is really cool about this place are the dinosaurs on the beach. They just walk up and down the beach enjoying the sun.

It's all imagination and altered brain states. Nothing more. My first episode of paralysis was when I was 3 years old. I learned that it was connected to lucid dreaming and the Astral Projection BS when I was a teen.

No Spirits, no souls, no magic, no evil demons, just brain states. Anyone can learn to do this in about 3 months with effort. Entire cultures participated in this sort of stuff. It is just a thing that humans can do if they want to AND NOTHING MORE.

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I just made a video about a

I just made a video about a very similar subject. I start dreaming before I go to sleep and am awake and asleep at the same time. I can not move until I wake myself up. I have hallucinations as a result every day. This is why I do not believe Paul or Muhammad as I relate in the video.


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Completely understandable to

Completely understandable to me. Very much like Lucid Dreaming. I have the same issues with some of my dream states. I have some vivid dreams that I have remembered since I was a child. Especially places I have visited or events that have occurred. I would say, I generally remember them as dreams but there are some occasions were I actually have to think about it for a bit first. The real difference between your states and mine is that you seem to have no control over yours and this is something that I actually trained myself to do. (Admittedly it was spontaneous when I was a young child. But through meditation and studies about such things, I basically taught myself how to do these things. ) Originally I thought they were somehow special or spiritual but I know for a fact there is nothing at all special about them today and I literally laugh at all the frigging garbage people believe about dream states and out of body experiences.

You are wise not to buy into the BS. Humans have always had these states of consciousness and there was a time when THEY WERE the religions in many cultures. All we are discussing these days are Brain States.

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The harrowing account of Solomon Edwards' experience left me intrigued. The vivid description of his terrifying paralysis and the child's appearance in his room is deeply unsettling. One can only imagine the fear he must have felt during that fateful night. On a different note, while reading this, I couldn't help but wonder if he sought any professional assistance, such as assignment writing help in glasgow, to cope with the lingering trauma. Having a support system in place for academic and personal challenges is essential.

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Sleep paralysis is a sleep

Sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder where a person temporarily cannot move or speak while falling asleep or waking up. It is accompanied by vivid hallucinations, which can range from neutral to frightening. Sleep paralysis is a result of the overlap between REM sleep and wakefulness. Despite cultural beliefs, it is not related to demons or supernatural forces. For more info.

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Individuals may interpret

Individuals may interpret their experiences based on their beliefs, and some may turn to religious explanations. Seeking comfort in faith can be a personal coping mechanism, but it's important to remember that sleep paralysis is a natural phenomenon with scientific explanations. Consulting a medical professional is advised for those experiencing distressing sleep paralysis episodes. Look it up here

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Sleep paralysis is a

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon that occurs during the transition between sleep and wakefulness. When it happens, your body gets temporarily paralyzed, and you may feel unable to move or speak. It can be quite unnerving, especially when accompanied by vivid hallucinations or a sense of pressure on your chest or trenbolone for sale. I've experienced it a few times, and it can be scary, but it's usually harmless. Trying to relax and focusing on controlled breathing helps me snap out of it.

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I'm really surprised after

I'm really surprised after seeing this because I know technology is much better than before but I never thought it would be so much better. I feel like I can learn new things from you. Anyway, at first I thought it was a personal blog, but now I agree with you.

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