Some Posts are to Long

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Some Posts are to Long

Categorically repudiating every line of a person's post is fatiguing to read, and can render a conversation redundant to some followers. A rambling post can overly-expand the conversation, drift from the main argument, and end in a non-conclusion; potency and impact are lost, and the main point risks becoming moot.

It's possible to succinctly summarize the main points, offer rebuttal - with supporting evidence - and conclude. Additionally, utilize breaks in text: during breaks, the reader can grasp arguments/concepts as differentiating from one another, and fit them into an overall statement.

So: In short...

That was a pun. : )


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Well said.

Well said.

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Agreed. Consider all

Agreed. Consider all supporting text for this agreement omitted for the sake of brevity, and to preclude reader fatigue.

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All I heard was:

All I heard was:

Blah! Blah! Blah! Shut the fuck up Travis! Blah! Blah! Blah!

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LoL! :D

LoL! :D

Although you have a good point Mitch, no one is forcing you to read all the posts.
Some get caught up in extensive discussions and I don't have the tenacity to keep up with those all the time. But I for one think Travis is doing one helluva job. Keep it up.

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I agree that some of the

I agree that some of the posts can get too lengthy...but if I come across one like that I simply pass over it once I get the main idea.

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