The strong faith some people have

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The strong faith some people have

I can see a possitive side to those who have a really strong faith and follow their religion properly. I have an aunt who lost her daughter last year to cancer. They lived together alone and she passed away at 42, all they had was eachother and obviously the rest of the family cared for them, but the two of them always lived alone in a house.

When she died, my aun said that this was gods will and took it very well. She feels depressed every now and then but her faith helped her a lot. This is not something that makes me want to become religious, but I do respect those that have strog faith for a good purpose.

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Agreed, I am always saying

Agreed, I am always saying that for some religion can be a good thing. Others will disagree and say it better for people to work thier way through such things like loss and guilt on their own but I disagree with them as such unfix-able things can be extremely difficult for some people to deal with and even become cronically depressing even leading to death.

Some people are insensitive and say that such people if they can not deal with such things should die as they are not fit for life. I feel religion is such a thing to help help them deal. In my opinion their religion is just their interpretation of it and not necessarily the same religion as the one belonging to the person who sits in the same row at church as they do each week though religious folk may often feel they all agree on what their individual god may be just get them talking and you will soon find differences.

Besides dealing with painful things like loss and guilt I feel religion is extremely important for certain personality types as it can provide them with a system of rule to live by. I don't think morals come naturally to everyone for those who lack a moral compass religion is there to provide a form of one. These individuals are easy to spot because they don't think you can have morals without religion.

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100% agreed that people who

100% agreed that people who lack a moral compass need religion. This does not mean that some religions people are unable to be moral without religion, but inmost cases it's definitely true.

I have always said that truly good people do good things and avoid hurting others because they understand that this is bad and not because they fear eternal punishment.

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People who do not deal well

People who do not deal well with uncertainty, and require answers in life can benefit from having a religion to fall back on.

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Sometimes I think it would be

Sometimes I think it would be easier to become a sheep and have religion to fall back on but then I see through the true nature of religion and it wakes me up again and renews my ability to think clearly.

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I made that same decision

I made that same decision once... lasted less than a year :/ Once you know, you can't unknow, like Plato's Allegory of the Cave.

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Those of us who have left the

Those of us who have left the church understand Plato's Allegory of the Cave at level that the written word fails to convey. I tried to go back once, it did not last long. When surround by so many that are failing to see the world at it really is, it is a form of self torture. To stay, you would have to lose yourself and become a drone of the system. Or, as in the allegory, bind yourself with the chains again - it can't be done.

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Agreed, it's really hard to

Agreed, it's really hard to tie yourself up. literally or figuratively.

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How did we get to Sammy tying

How did we get to Sammy tying herself up? I am going to have to re-read the original post for clarification. :)

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Lol, in the bonds of religion

Lol, in the bonds of religion :)

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