"there are no atheist in foxholes"

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"there are no atheist in foxholes"

I have heard this phrase forever. I personally know it is a lie, but christians like to pretend and claim that when it comes down to one's final act, one will turn to the CHRISTIAN god.
Now I have been in wars and many fire-fights. Many of those battles were ones where the outcome was uncertain. Not once did I witness anyone praying. From experience, I know you just don't have time to waste on silly superstitions. One knows when faced with imminent danger one must rely on one's self.
I have been in a ditch with just my spotter. Surrounded by the enemy and low on ammo. With no way to call in an airstrike or artillery, we had to figure out what to do to survive. We assessed the weakest point in the enemy and attacked, pushed through and fled to safety. We didn't pray, call for divine intervention.
When we got back to home base a LCpl came up to us and said, "Wow god smiled on you." I said, "How"? He replied, "He saved your asses." I promptly smacked him right in the mouth! Then I turned around to a bunch of stunned Marines and shouted. " I suppose god put the enemy all around us too!" No one said a damn thing to me for about a week.

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"no atheist in foxholes"

"no atheist in foxholes"

Do you think it's simply Christian bias, or do some military leaders see religion as a strategic tool that could be threatened by atheism?

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Military leaders always use

Military leaders always use religion as a tool to motivate. Using it to justify wars and mass killing. Also, they use it to convince soldiers that will die that is "god's will." They use it to vilify the enemy. To claim that the enemy is "evil."
Generals are for all practical purposes politicians. This strategy filters down to the lower ranks. To lieutenants that some day desire to become generals. To NCOs that are fanatical in a false patriotism that is "god and country." I don't know how many times I have come across Sergeant Majors (E-9s) that preach the gospel while cajoling "patriotism."
Funny word "gospel". It literally means god's spell.
Now there are many many professional military people that know how to serve without confusing it with religious crusades. For example, the war on terrorism is just that, a war on terrorism. Many want to make it a religious war....especially the terrorist.
When "in country" the terrorist know that the American forces are there to destroy criminals and their means to conduct terrorist attacks. Their only hope is to gin up a religious war. The means that they try to do that is to attack innocent christians and shout "Allah is great." This is to provoke the western nations to commit atrocities against innocent muslims. This will recruit more disaffected muslims to their terrorist cause. Trump and his cronies are due to fall into this trap.
Everytime a military leader evokes "god" as motivation and justification, it alienates those who do not follow that particular belief. It actually causes war and makes it an endless cycle of war.

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I doubt this is true.

I doubt this is true. However, IF someone were to make this assertion they would then need to prove their claim

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You doubt what is true. Be more specific.

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I doubt the assertion that

I doubt the assertion that there are no atheists is foxholes is true.

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Of course, it isn't true. It

Of course, it isn't true. It is just a famous phrase that is repeated over and over.

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I was watching the inaugural

I was watching the inaugural of president elect trump and do you know I counted on least 6 preachers people like paula White to Franklin Graham and the catholic bishop Timothy Dolan of new York, THese people are big con artist Paula White is a word of faith preacher who conned her followers into bankruptcy.,Timothy Dolan was present when member priest were abusing young children and older folks.Franklin Graham is the son of Billy Graham and by now most people would no the poison that came from his preaching.They all have become influential and quite wealthy.These cut throats were saying prays, As most of us know pray is useless especially in fox holes under the stresses of battle.

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Brings to mind Dylan singing

Brings to mind Dylan singing "With God on Our Side" :


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Awesome chimp. It epitomizes

Awesome chimp. It epitomizes just what I was saying.

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