The Thieves Banquet

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The Thieves Banquet

This track really is an amazing impression and makes clear an important point; that religion is only one part of the mess we're in. His take on religion is harsh but funny and true.
.. The Thieves Banquet is the name of the album, and the name of a two part musical masterpiece of artistic impression and rap talent, by a rapper from the UK; Akala. <---- that's the lyric video too so you can fully get it ;)

I know rap won't be everyone here's cuppa tea, but this guy is worth listening too. The entire album is brilliant and well worth a listen even for those who don't usually appreciate rap music.. This guy isn't your ordinary stereotypical rapper. He is way beyond the ridiculous rappers you might here on the radio. This is intelligent, catchy and really sets your mind to work on different issues, while bouncing! Top class.. My favorite track is 7. One More Breath .. Fuckin masterpiece! .. Don't forget to check out the second part. It's a bit more gruesome :o

Lemme know what you think.
.. His last album, 'Doublethink' was also seriously incredible :)

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I like the messages of

I like the messages of Another Reason, Fire In The Booth and Find No Enemy as far Akala's as songs go I like Malcolm said it, and Game Named Life I like the sound of Let It All Happen (kind of like Old Rage) I also like Pissed Off. Fire In The Booth is really an impressive piece and if nothing else you should take the time to listen to, it its long though.. I do see why you chose The the Thieves Banquet to introduce him to the site though.

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If you would like to listen

If you would like to listen to another artist on the Fire In The Booth show check out Harry Shotta

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My fave Akala piece has

My fave Akala piece has always been Something Inside My Head...but I do like a lot of his newer stuff a great deal.

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I chose this one because of

I chose this one because of it's relevance to religion just since this is a forum to chat about it.
.. Yea I've heard it, I'm a huge fan of Akala :) blows my mind.. Annoyingly not so famous though, for obvious 'speaks too much truth' reasons!

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I cant do rap sorry i cant

I cant do rap sorry i cant make out what they say.

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It simply shows that atheist

It simply shows that atheist all over the world really want to express their opinions in variety of ways and some use their talents and creativity to convey atheism.

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