Things religion tried to prevent or suppress.

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Things religion tried to prevent or suppress.

Hi i want to compile a list of things religion tried to prevent or suppress because a theist tried to tell me wed have no civilisation without religion. He said religion helped us grow but i know it hindered us.
So add anything i missed but please only things you know for a fact are true.
1. Religion tried to prevent dissection of the human body which would have effectively left medicine in the dark ages.
2. Religion tried to suppress Galileo's discovery that the planets revolved around the sun and not the earth as they said.
3. Religion tried to suppress the translation of the bible from latin to english to hold on to their control of the masses. They executed the man that translated it fir heresy and perverting the word of god yet his version is what modern bibles are based on.
4. Evolution need i say more.

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Religion permitted slavery in

Religion permitted slavery in fact used slaves and tried to prevent the abolishment.

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Stem Cell research.

Stem Cell research.

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I still feel hopeful that

I still feel hopeful that theyve failed there but yes they tried so adds to the list.

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Well, we've since overthrown

Well, we've since overthrown their oppression re: Galileo and other rudimentary scientific advances, so I figured it was still a fitting point :)

However, they've still succeeding in postponing many of the remarkable discoveries that will inevitably come as we explore this discipline.

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Yeah it truly is silly the

Yeah it truly is silly the lengths that Religion will go to protect their stranglehold on the masses..... I specially can see the fact of not wanting a version of the bible that Everyone could read.... I can hear it now "HEY!!! It says here Salvation is a free gift and i have been buying all these indulgences from the Pope." .... Actually most all modern translations go back to the earliest greek and hebrew texts rather than translate from Latin or 1600's English.... It is funny though even Nowadays there are a certain segement of Fundies that feel that the 1600 English version is the only correct version..... while not as bad as latin it is still less accessible to the masses but some are shocked to find out that the Bible was not Written in King James English....>LOL........

I also find it Ironic that when Jesus had his ministry in Present day Israel it was the Religious Pious and Holy than thou that had the biggest problem with him.... in fact with a week after breaking up their money racketing scheme at the temple he was crucified.... they tolerated him until he messed with their cash flow.... Sadly enough within 200 years after his death the church was already corrupt and just as bad as the corrupt one it replaced..... Possibly the worse possible thing to ruin its purity when it became the OFFICIAL Religion of the Roman Empire..... bad deal to mix Religion and Politics as History has shown us...... But as they say those that forget history are condemned to repeat it.....

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My intention is to compile a

My intention is to compile a list of everything every religion tried to surpress on its own or with other religions.
That will help prove or disprove what we all think we know religions a detriment to science.
It wont be easy due to the fact through the last 2000 years till recently a non theist scientist would be killed or ostracised if anyone found out. So we wont know which theists were pretending. I dont think newton was pretending he was happy to say god did it and stop investigating.
Hey did you know when Stephen Hawkings was young the pope invited him and the top physicists to basically tell them to stop trying to work out how the universe was made. The nerve!!!

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