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Thinking Of A Better God Than Yours ...

I've been engaging in a little lateral thinking again, and this time, I'm tackling the annoying magic man question from a different angle, again with a view to encouraging anyone genuinely interested in an answer to the outstanding question, to apply some rigour to the matter.

Let's start with that familiar assertion, arising from the Abrahamic mythologies, that the magic man asserted to exist therein, possesses the fantastic gifts of action and intellect required to be able to conjure an entire universe out of nothing. I then asked, what would be my reaction, to finding myself suddenly acquiring the same gifts. Would my reaction be "let's do this just so that I can populate it with some stool pigeons devoted to kissing my arse?" The answer is, er, no.

My reaction, upon finding myself in the ability to engage in what would be experimental cosmogony, on a scale that scientists would have wet dreams about, would be to think to myself "Wow, the ULTIMATE research project! This is going to keep me up to my neck in puzzles to work out for ETERNITY!"

My first step forward would probably consist of "If I can do this once, can I do it again?", followed quickly by "can I put together a collection of universes with different local physical laws, and watch how they evolve over time?" There would be literally millions of experiments of this sort waiting for me to perform, and this would keep me occupied for a good few billion years at a minimum, working out what was going on. I'd be living out the wet dream of every physicist on the planet. There would be, quite literally, too much going on that was just so bloody interesting to follow , that I wouldn't be left with time to indulge in the sort of infantile narcissism that is endemic to the requisite mythological entity. There would be simply too much fun to be had, being the ultimate in research scientists, to have the time or inclination to waste those gifts behaving like a cosmic Donald Trump.

Furthermore, the sort of narcissism that needs to have its ego continually preened by a collection of animated toys, would be so far beneath any entity genuinely possessing those powers, that even if such an entity did at some point develop an interest in one small collection of organisms on one small planet, out of around 50 sextillion in the current universe of interest, chances are that the primary question such an entity would ask would be "will these organisms learn what I've learned?" The idea that an entity attaining the level of intellectual serenity required to master experimental cosmogony, would have any interest whatsoever in subjecting those organisms to psychological abuse over their genital frolics, should be pretty much untenable.

Any genuine god type entity that exists, must surely be closer to Jonas Salk than Donald fucking Trump?

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@Calilasseia: You are an

@Calilasseia: You are an eternal being. Existing before time and space. Where did you get the idea of a universe? You could have just as easily created a Yellow Banana. Where does the idea of life come from when you have never had an example of life anywhere? How do you even begin thinking? Are you thinking in a language that you yourself invent? You come up with atoms, molecules and cells all on your own? You decide which chemical reactions will lead to other chemical reactions?

RE: "Furthermore, the sort of narcissism that needs to have its ego continually preened by a collection of animated toys, would be so far beneath any entity genuinely possessing those powers,.... "

Or would it be so far above such an entity? An entity with extreme power and no vocabulary, knowledge or wisdom. An entity living in emptiness. Suddenly one day he decided to create something? A universe? A life form on a rock in space? Why make this life form contingent on killing other life forms? I find the creation of this universe from a magical God, a mere idea of an act of utter insanity.

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Give me the powers of the

Give me the powers of the Abrahamic god and I would be a far better god. No suffering, no death, no poverty, no slavery, no rape, no worship required, etc. Now would that come at the cost of pure free will? Perhaps, but I would make my creatures with no proclivity towards those things anyway and would provide no incentive for them. Would each of us give up our ability to murder to eliminate murder? Doesn't seem a hard question to me.

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I have always been convince

I have always been convince that if you give a six year old child a box of crayons, he or she could design a better world than the one we currently live in.

Will people age and die? No.
Do we have to kill and eat animals? No
Will the sun give us cancer? No
Will lions eat people? No

A retarded three year old might be able to make a better world.

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