Time to stand up?

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Time to stand up?

The word "atheist" is a taboo in America. Being an atheist is viewed as a bad thing because the US is a relatively religious country. Religion holds a strong grasp in politics, which leads to the dilution of education, especially about evolution.
Atheists running for a position in politics do not state their disbelief in god and following of reason and science out of fear of not being elected. Atheists are reluctant to tell families and friends out of fear of rejection and disownership.
To add to the insensitive behavior of the religious, the US dollar bill is labeled with "In god we trust". Even when citizens pledge allegiance to their country, they must utter the phrase "one nation under god". Everything is nerfed to prevent offense to the faithful, but what about offending the godless? Ladies and gentlemen, it has gone too far. I dream of a world where being an atheist is viewed as the norm and theism is viewed as an obscure minority. The only way for atheism to be accepted is for a snowball effect of atheists openly declaring their disbelief of god and to let fellow disbelievers know that they are not alone.
Once atheism is accepted, the grasp religion has on politics will lessen and evolution will be taught publicly in schools. If every atheist comes out and declares their disbelief, we can make a change. We must stop our fear of rejection or of religious persecution.
We need to stop being so respectful and change the world. If science is to progress, religion must not.
This is the belief of many atheists. For example Richard Dawkins.
I personally believe that we all can make a difference. Don't all of you?

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Check this out. It relates

Check this out. It relates quite well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iAS2UC8f94

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Love Dusty!

Love Dusty!

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The more statically

The more statically improbable a thing, the less we can believe it happened by blind chance. Superficially the obvious alternative to chance is an Intelligent Designer." Richard Dawkins Department of Zoology, Oxford University, in "The Necessity of Darwinism," New Scientist, April 15, 1982, p.130

For now you are have way to few followers to get that job done. You see this country was founded on Christian principles and even though the majority are not true Christians, the majority do believe in a God. So we will not give up to 13%. Although if you just wait for a little while longer, the Lord is going to take the true Christians out of here in the rapture of the true Church. And then the anti-Christ is going to sit on the throne of David. Though that will prove that God is real, don't worry yet because most likely the anti-Christ will convince most that He acquired his power through evolution. Which will make you happy until the first 3 1/2 years of tribulation is passed, then you will wish that either you would have followed the Lord, or that you were never born.

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What if a council of powerful

What if a council of powerful and influential atheists were to join forces and fight religion head on (not literally). We can have Bill Gates, Neil Tyson, Bill Nye, and others.

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Yeah that wouldn't help

Yeah that wouldn't help either.

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Chuck I still wonder how you

Chuck I still wonder how you aren't banned already for preaching and threatening people with rapture.
If the christian god exists, you would be the first to be tortured mercilessly because of how badly you represent him :P

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How is telling what God's

How is telling what God's word says threatening. It's simply letting you know the truth. It's not like I can change what is going to take place. I want you to take into consideration what God says is going to happen so that you can make a deliberate decision to go against Him or taste and see that the Lord is good.

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I am starting to sway towards

I am starting to sway towards Chucky's way of thinking here guys! Help me before I go over to the dark side and try to save our country from the toilet it is in!

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Chuck Rogers is there

Chuck Rogers is there anything that would change your mind?

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Why would I go back to were I

Why would I go back to were I was, when God showed me something much much better.

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He still here im just

He still here im just ignoring him now.
Claiming a supernatural being that no one can see or talk to or see any evidence for his existence all we have is a book filled with inaccuracies and atrocious rules and actions including apparently torturing 90% of all the humans that have ever lived FOR EVER simply for not giving up 'free will' to be his praise whore yet is loving' and 'merciful' is more probable than the alternative yea right.

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Duh you cant find the bones

Duh you cant find the bones of someone that never existed.
Jeasus your logic impaired!!!

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