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Tiz the Season

Here in Metro Atlanta, the Christmas decorations go up before all the leaves are down. There is an interesting front yard tableau in my neighborhood that I would like to share with you (see photo).

On the far right we have the Christian nativity scene. Mary, Joseph, the infant Jesus and an angel all have very pink complexions. Heavens forbid that they should be represented as dark-skinned Palestinians.

The other six figures are from Star Wars - three androids in the middle, with Yoda, Chewy and Darth Vader completing the ensemble on the left. Yoda is dressed up like Santa; Darth V. and 2 droids all sport a Santa hat.

Consider the cultural conflation here. There is representation from the christian myth of the triumph of life over death. There is the Star Wars myth of good overcoming evil. Finally, there is the modern gift-giving Santa whose origin dates to the historical figure and exploits of St. Nicholas (Nikolaos of Myra, 270 – 343 CE). Not coincidentally, all of this is being celebrated at the time of the Roman festival of Saturnalia (Dec 17 – 23) and the northern hemisphere winter solstice festivals.

It seems to me that in the “War on Christmas,” the attack is from within.



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Your neighbors should clean

Your neighbors should clean up all the fallen leaves out of their yard. Then they should go and see a psychiatrist.

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Hi Algebe,

Hi Algebe,

In their defense, the leaves are still coming down as I write.

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Interestingly enough (at

Interestingly enough (at least to me), I just sent a text to all my kids, their spouses, and their children, inviting them to Presentmas Eve dinner on December 24th. I make about 15 pounds if sweet and sour brisket and a ton of latkes. We watch movies, play games, sing, dance, hoot and holler. We can have a two hour conversation that is nothing but movie quotes but it makes perfect sense. We have good food, good wine, good scotch. We laugh. We hug. We love. It is wonderful. I absolutely love the winter holidays!

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Santa so loved the world that

Santa so loved the world that he gave his only red-nosed reindeer, and whosoever should believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Santa 3:16

Rudolph died for your sins. Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and Santa's bag will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the magic bag will be opened.…Santa 7:7

But for those non-believers.... "They will go the way of eternal punishment. The wicked go down to the realm of the dead that Santa forgot. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and lumps of coal in their Christmas stockings. And Santa will throw them into a blazing Christmas tree (burning bush) and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.... SO THINK ABOUT YOUR SALVATION

And have a Merry Christmas.

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Too damn funny, Alembe.

Too damn funny, Alembe.
And, Cog.... Dude, I have tears in my eyes laughing so hard at your Santa Scripture. LMAO

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Ah yes 'Tis the Season. I

Ah yes 'Tis the Season. I always take target arrows and stick them through the reindeer that are displayed in people's lawns and every sign in the yard that says "For Lease" I spray paint under it "Navidad"!
Such great fun.

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Hey, is spotlight-hunting of

Hey, is spotlight-hunting of fake lawn-display reindeer illegal?

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My neighbors know that I

My neighbors know that I disapprove of hunting so it is a little joke that I play on them.

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This subject made for one of

This subject made for one of my favourite confrontations with a theist...

Outside my town shopping centre they have Christians with a little stand promote some bollocks weekly (this week... "what created everything!"... fucking hell!!!)

Anyway this particular day (1st dec) I was walking with my 5yr old son, both wearing Xmas jumpers (his star wars themed and mine die hard themed "now i have machine gun, ho ho ho")
And I was asked or rather told...

"You realise this is a Christian tradition"
Me - "sure I'll buy it, go on...!"
"Well, you don't see a problem in taking parts you seem to be happy with?"
Me - "nope!"

Game over...

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