Tsunami warning

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Tsunami warning

So I've just got into work today and the first think I discover is a huge 8.1m quake of the coast of Mexico, which in turn has caused the issue of a tsunami warning.

It made me wonder, has anyone else experienced a natural occurrence such as this? Or a different force of nature?

I've only personally experienced hurricanes and one tornado which did a spectacular job of rearranging my garden haha.



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I've experienced a few

I've experienced a few significant earthquakes and typhoons in Japan, and a few earthquakes in New Zealand, and I saw and heard a big meteor explode over Christchurch, New Zealand a few years ago.

But the worst thing I ever experienced was the great London smog of 1962. We lived in thick, stinking black smoke for a week with about a meter of visibility.

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i would love to see meteor

i would love to see meteor explode, some are reported to explode with more power then of early nuclear bombs.

the worst i have directly experienced is just earthquakes in Italy.

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rearranged your garden...

rearranged your garden... another miracle from our lord and savior Aquaman

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He moves in mysterious ways!

He moves in mysterious ways!

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I've said that about the way

I've said that about the way some folks dance.

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